Viola Luxury Chrome Bristle Brush


New Viola Luxury Chrome Bristle Brush is not only stylish put also practical the perfect tool to ensure you hair and extensions are healthy and look amazing.

At Viola we know exactly how important hair extensions aftercare is and why using the right hair extensions hair brush Is key. Viola’s new paddle brush is made from natural wild boar bristles, making it one the best brush for hair extensions care.

The wild boar bristles have a similar make up as the human hair, which gives the very best results creating lustre, shine, and reduces static. With nylon bristles that comb the hair removing knots and tangles with minimal pulling to the bead, bonds and tapes why at Viola we sell the best bristle brushes available.

Viola hair extensions online shop offers the very best brushes to buy and order, our new Chrome brush looks and feels luxurious, and an essential tool for keeping the natural hair and extensions looking and feeling their best for longer.



24CM (10") APPROX 



For use

All hair extensions methods

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