10 Simple Tricks for Beautiful Hair

Do you wish to have beautiful, healthy hair? Are you looking for a quick way to improve the condition of your hair? Are you going for the tried and tested methods? Then go for solutions, which will delight you! Here is our guide.  

Hair Spray 

Celebrities need to keep their hair looking its best for hours. Do you love curls but they do not stay in place for more than half an hour? There is a solution. It all depends on how you prepare your hair for styling. This trick is ideal if you want your hair to stay in place for several hours. Work a generous amount of styling mousse through your hair before curling it. This will not only protect your hair from the harmful effects of the heat but also add texture. Blow-dry your hair thoroughly and divide it into even strands. Apply some hair spray to each strand of hair before you curl it. This makes your hair more susceptible to the heat of the curling iron and makes it easier to style your hair the way you like it. The hairstyle lasts for hours.  

Beautiful hair and the fringe 

The fringe and how to style it is a worry for many people. If you want your hair to look great with a fringe, use a celebrity trick. The fringe is an element of hairstyle, which adds mystique to any woman's appearance. The key is to style it properly without taking up too much time.  

When styling your hair, start with the bangs. Many of us leave the styling of our bangs for last. To keep your short fringe looking great all day long you should spend a lot of time styling it. Apply a small amount of styling mousse to damp hair. The next step is to blow-dry your bangs using cool air, directing the airflow downwards. After a few minutes, pin the fringe back in place by changing the styling. This will give your fringe maximum movement and a natural curl.  

Curly Hair Without Heat 

Wavy or slightly curly hair always looks great. This type of hairstyle is girly, lightweight, and always adds to the charm. Curling hair is often problematic, however, and excessive use of a curling iron can dry out the hair and leave it looking dull and lacking natural shine. A great way to do this is to curl your hair without using heat. There are plenty of heatless curling methods on the internet, so you'll be able to get beautiful curly hair without damaging it.  

Dry Shampoo = Volume 

Even hair that is fresh after washing can lose volume. This can be due to the nature of the hair or to poor care. So reach for a dry shampoo, which when applied to the roots of your hair will give it great lift and keep your hair looking great all day long. Dry shampoo is also a product that you can carry with you at all times so that you can touch up your hair throughout the day.  

Carry a brush with you 

We don't deny - there are certainly women whose hair looks great every day, regardless of the weather or conditions. However, most of us have to work hard to keep our hair looking good all day long. If you want your hair to look perfect every moment of the day, be sure to carry a compact brush with you so you can give your hair the look you want. 

Do you have hair extensions? Be sure to bring along a professional hair extension brush that is gentle enough. At Viola Hair you will not only find accessories for the care of your hair extensions, but also products with which professional salons can perform perfect extensions on different hair types. You will also find products such as: tape in hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions  and hair extensions beads. 

Frizzy hair 

I think most women will agree with me that frizzy hair is one of those problems that is very difficult to deal with. This problem can be extremely troublesome, but it's very easy to solve. To tame frizz, all you have to do is run your fingers through your hair, moistened with oil or... hand cream. Be careful not to touch the roots of your hair as this may make it look greasy and unsightly.  


The shiny nature of kerosene is not very well known but it is a very effective way to keep your hair beautiful, shiny and tame. Chances are, this product will have a wow effect on your hair too. This inconspicuous and inexpensive product can effectively smooth the hair. Apply the kerosene wax several minutes before shampooing.  

The Perfect Cut: The Desired Shape  

A good haircut is essential for perfect hairstyles. The right cut accentuates the curl and adds or removes volume depending on what you want. The right haircut for your hair type will make your hair look good without the need for additional styling.