10 things you should know before getting hair extensions

before getting hair extensions


Are you getting ready to make an important decision about hair extensions? Here's what you need to know to prepare well for the procedure!

The hair extension treatment quickly and easily adds volume and length, naturally enhances the hairstyle and allows for a makeover in a few hours. It can be a quick and satisfying way to fix a bad hairstyle or prepare for a special occasion. In fact, the pros of deciding on hair extensions can be enumerated for hours. Hair extensions can serve us for months - their condition can be perfect, provided that we take proper care of them. What should you know when deciding on hair extensions?
First of all, deciding on hair extensions is all about deciding on the method of hair extensions. There are permanent methods that can only be done by an expert and a temporary clip-in method, i.e. hairpieces/extensions that can be used both by the hairdresser and independently at home on many occasions. An expert should decide which method is worth choosing – it depends on the thickness of the hair, its condition, the condition of the scalp and many other factors.
Second of all, the quality of the hair extensions. Never let yourself be persuaded to get a synthetic hair extension treatment. This is a cheaper option, but the hair is significantly different from our natural hair, it looks artificial, and its quality makes this solution look unattractive after a few days/weeks. Good quality hair extensions will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Most people won't notice the difference, except that the hair has suddenly grown - basically overnight!
hair extension care

Third of all, hair extension care. If you want to ensure the longevity of your hair extensions, you should wash your hair for the first time about 48 hours after application. After that, it will be best to wash them 2-3 times a week (we recommend checking out our warranty set). Hair should be washed standing up (preferably in the shower), gently massaging the hair and head from top to bottom. Keep your head straight while rinsing off the shampoo. Hair extensions should not be washed with the head bowed. After thoroughly rinsing the hair, apply a special conditioner that will intensively nurture the strands, improve the hair structure and make the hairstyle beautiful and shiny.
Fourth of all, it is worth getting a line of cosmetics dedicated to hair extensions. In addition to basic care, i.e. shampoo and conditioner, you should also use a hair mask regularly. Over time, natural hair extensions can become drier, coarser and less vital. The best way to restore their shine is to moisturise them. The hair mask will make natural hair extensions incredibly soft again and help them to regain their colour depth.
In addition to the mask, you should also consider using complementary care, namely:
- protein hair spray without rinsing,
- two-phase protective spray,
- argan oil for hair (ideal for hair ends).
before getting hair extensions

Fifth of all, you need to know that you must take care of your hair extensions at all times - including on holiday trips. What does it mean? To maintain the perfect condition of your hair extensions, you need to take care of them regularly, with no exceptions. You don't have to risk excess baggage  - you can buy a mini set that will be perfect as a gift idea or for trips. When visiting exotic countries, we often swim in the sea, and this is where you need to be careful. Hair extensions don’t like salty seawater. What can you do? It is best to tie up your hair before entering the water. And since we are on the beach, remember about sun protection - it is worth using a hat or scarf to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.
Sixth of all, protecting your hair from heat. Our hair extensions are natural, so they react to weather conditions in the same way as our own hair. This means that you should take care of them and protect them from temperature fluctuations - those caused by the weather, but also those caused by the use of styling devices, such as a curler or a straightener. A thermal protection serum will work best. In addition, the serum prevents frizz and split ends, makes hair easier to comb, protects colour-treated hair from excessive washing out of colour, makes hair silky soft to the touch, and leaves a pleasant fragrance on it.
before getting hair extensions

Seventh of all, know that hair extensions do more than just lengthen your hair. Yes, that's right. Hair extensions are also a way to thicken our natural hair. After the procedure, the length of the hair may remain the same as before the procedure (if you choose so), but the volume will be several times greater than before. This, in turn, will make your hairstyle look healthier and fuller. And this, in turn, will be reflected in your well-being.
Eighth of all, professional hair extensions won’t damage your natural hair. Hair extensions done by a professional hairdresser and using top-quality products won’t damage your hair. On the contrary, the extensions should protect your natural hair and improve its appearance. Hair extensions protect your hair from damage, for example, your ends - especially if you use a lot of heat tools or your hair is prone to break or have split ends. What's more, choosing hair extensions is a great way to grow your natural strands. Keep in mind, however, that choosing inferior products or getting hair extensions from an inexperienced hairdresser is a risk that can lead to damaged hair.
Ninth of all, hair extensions should be combed with a suitable brush. For the comfort of wearing the strands, it is recommended to comb your hair every morning and evening, using a special brush designed specifically for hair extensions (it doesn’t pull or tear hair).
Hair extensions care
Tenth of all, drying hair extensions. It is also an important element of care, which greatly impacts the quality of hair extensions. Attention! It's very important - you should avoid drying your hair extensions using the natural dry method. After washing, the water should be squeezed out of the damp hair very carefully, preferably using paper towels, and then the hair should be dried with a brush.
Whatever your reasons for considering hair extensions, remember that this is a great opportunity to try something new. With the advances that have been made in hair extensions and the process of attaching them, now is the best time for a change.
Talk to a hairdresser you trust. It is best to choose the one that specializes in hair extensions. They will help you choose the best method of hair extensions that will guarantee the desired effect.
After all, the health of your natural hair is extremely important, so don't compromise it. Get help from a professional and make sure you buy quality extensions. If you invest in quality extensions and an expert procedure, you can expect great results.