10 tips for caring for coloured hair

Most styling treatments have a negative impact on your hair whether it’s toning or bleaching is the effect of chemical substances that can dry out your hair and cause it to become brittle. That is why it is so important to take care of your hair after colouring in addition to styling treatments.

Hair colouring

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t ever dyed their hair whether it’s from a box to in-salon and for most of us dying is an essential. However, of course, in the long-term, some treatments with chemical dyes and toners can be damaging on the hair. This is why it is so important to treat your hair with nourishing oils and products to add back essential vitamins and minerals needed to promote shine and growth.

The biggest revolution was ammonia-free hair dyes, which work more delicate and less damage the hair structure. When colouring your hair, it is always recommended to visit a salon, as not only will you receive results that you could never receive from a box dye but also, they will provide treatment for the hair after it has been dyed or toned.

If you have any type of human hair extensions it is important not to add toner or dye as the resulting outcome can be unpredictable. It is best to remove extensions first and if your extensions do need to be toned than a qualified professional can do this when the extensions are not in the hair, tests should always be performed on the extensions before adding any dyes or toners.

Care of dyed hair - hairdressing cosmetics

Dyed and coloured hair needs of course more care than hair without, over time dye will fade and the roots will grow through. Should also use cosmetics specially designed for coloured hair to retaining the colour as well as providing more nutrients and is primarily aimed at fighting dryness and rebuilding hair structure.

When washing dyed and hair extensions for the very best results are to use lukewarm water, will save the colour and ensure that the hair does not become brittle when dried. The best shampoos for coloured hair contain moisturizing and protective substances. Thanks to this, you will enjoy a beautiful colour longer and your hair will not need dying as often.

Once a week you can use a highly nourishing hair mask like Viola deep conditioning Boost is not only great for extensions but also for dyed and coloured hair as it adds back vitamins that are lost during the dying processes.

Coloured hair tips

Anyone who is exposed to a lot of sunshine in the summer has experienced the effect of lightening the hair. UV rays can change the colour of your skin and hair, can be extremely damaging to hair extensions and even cause the hair to turn pink. Why in the summer it is virtual to keep hair extensions out of direct sunlight.

Special care is needed for light shades especially if it is those beautiful ashy tones. The pigments used to achieve these violet shades are also some of the first to wash out, products such as purple shampoo is a lifesaver to remover those brassy tones. Always make sure the purple shampoo is tested on a few strands first as if left for too long the hair could end up turning purple!

Home care

It is important make sure hair is washing with nourishing products, warm water rather than hot and try to wash hair as little as possible.

Many people think that hair extensions can damage, this is totally wrong. When extensions are fitted by a qualified technician, aftercare is closely followed and regular maintenance is attended you will find that your hair is in excellent condition.

At Viola hair extensions we sell not only the best human hair extensions such as;  Nano Hair Extensions, Tape In Hair Extensions or Hair Weave Extensions but also amazing hair care products for extensions and coloured hair.