6 Myths About Hair Extensions

Thick and beautiful hair like a shampoo commercial is a dream for many. However, the reality is different from expectations. There are so many myths about extension treatments that we decided to check if they have something of the truth in them. We refute the most popular myths about hair extensions. This is everything you need to know about hair extensions.

Hair extensions destroy hair - myth

Do hair extensions ruin your hair? The answer is no, hair extensions should not destroy the hair. It is all down to application, maintenance and aftercare, it's that simple. There are so many methods available that the hairdresser can easily find the best one that suits the client. Yes, hair extensions can be damaging on the hair if not correctly applied by a qualified hair extensions technician in the right method. The damage will occur when hair extensions are left too long between maintenance this can cause damage to the hair holding the extensions in. 

Extended hair is visible - myth

Do you believe that celebrities have such beautiful and thick hair because of their diet? Of course not. So as you can now guess, the majority owe their lush hair to a hairdresser who knows exactly how to boost and thicken their hair. 

Wow, that's the way it works. So, if you dream of a perfect big, bouncy hair, it is necessary to go to a professional extensionist. When applying hair extensions there are certain rules to ensure extensions can not be seen or noticed. The colour match is key, at Viola hair extensions we offer a huge range of colour to choose from with rooted and rooted mixes for a seamless blend. Also to avoid the red zones so when the hair is up or down there will still be hair to cover the extensions. The hair extensionist goal is to ensure their client leaves happy with beautiful new hair, whilst keeping extensions a secret. 

Hair extensions hurt - myth 

You may hear on the grapevine that hair extensions hurt. Where it can be the case that extensions are uncomfortable and a bit sore during the fitting and for the first few days after but this is just due to the hair being handled and tightly fitted. It will, of course, go as the extensions settle in and you get used to the feeling. 

If you are looking for a quick boost you can opt for the clip-in method, add hair from your own home in a matter of moments not hours. So, all you have to do is clip on and after a whole day, you can take it off. This method does not hurt either.

If you have rare and damaged hair you cannot extend it - myth!

If you cannot show off your thick and strong hair, you can always decide to thicken your hair and extend it additionally. In this case, you should opt for laser extensions, which is also ideal for women with thin and short hair and even those whose hair is damaged. Here you should also know that an additional advantage of this method is the incredible durability and resistance to mechanical damage. So you do not have to give up physical activity, running or even cycling. The keratin thickening of hair also works well, after all, keratin is a natural building block of hair. You should also know that the great effect of such treatment lasts even four months, all you need to do is take proper care of your hair.

Hair extensions are only designed for those who have less hair - myth

Hair extensions are suitable both for those with long hair and want to add volume as well as those with thin short hair.  Who does not dream about having big beautiful hair? Add colour to your hair the way you want it, without worrying about the chemicals that damage your hair or increase its volume. Extend and play with your look as you wish!

Extensions aren't just for those with short hair, those who already have long hair can add even more length and volume with Viola breathtaking 24” extensions. A professional should help you to decide on the best choice. So nothing stands in the way of going to a professional and making this dream come true.

All hair extensions methods must be made in a professional technician. At Viola, our store, has all the professional products and accessories for hair extensions - human hair extensions, from nano ring hair extensions to tape-in hair extensions.