5 Easy Ways To Reduce Static From Your Hair

Winter is one of the hardest periods for hair. Frost, rain, snow or wearing a hat expose hair to real endurance tests. Autumn and winter is prime time for static hair. How do you remedy this? Discover our 5 ways to deal with static winter hair blues. 

Why does hair become static? 

Before you learn how to deal with static hair, find out why it happens. It occurs when negatively-charged electrons come off the hair, this is caused by the hair either rubbing together or against another material i.e. a woolly hat. This leaves strands filled with positive charges that resist one another, resulting in flyaway, unpredictable that can be very difficult to style. Over-brushing, central heating, humidity is some of the many reasons why hair can become static and unruly.

Why does it happen to some hair more than others?

A large part is due to a lack of hydration. If the hair is feeling rough or dry, it is much more susceptible to this phenomenon. Especially in winter, when you stay inside with heating, then go out into the cold air or wear a woolly hat, your hair is prone to dryness. Washing your hair, brushing or blow-drying, can also contribute to the static. 

Most people don’t know how to help avoid static, it is worth knowing the effective ways.

Proper care 

We know that hair is more likely to become static when it is dehydrated. Therefore, first of all, take care of its condition. Weakened and damaged, needs to be treated with strengthening shampoo for everyday use, which will restore their elasticity, rebuild them and replenish the loss of amino acids. But also a deep conditioner Viola hair extensions boost will added nutrition to both the natural hair and extensions.

If you have coloured hair, remember that it needs extra care this will also help to prevent the colour from fading. When wearing hair extensions you must always wash your hair upright by gently massaging shampoo into the roots not to twist any bonds. Add conditioner just to the mid-lengths and ends this if added to the roots it can cause the beads and fittings to slip. Always choose the best shampoo for your hair, Viola products have been tried and tested to have the best results on our extensions.  With intensive hydration and at the same time will not leave hair feeling greasy or heavy. Extensions Boost used once a week will leave hair looking and feeling beautiful.

Cosmetics for flyaway hair 

A quick, yet effective way to get your hair electrified is to spray it gently with hairspray, do not spray close to the hair but rather from arms-length. On the market, you will also find various types of products that reduce static hair. 

Among them, there are special sprays and mists that will reduce static whilst and additionally moisturize whilst adding volume and texture. 


Instead of using a traditional towel to dry hair which removes all the moisture instead try a microfiber or jersey towel even a T-shirt this will reduce damage, breakage and reduces frizz.

The use of high heat regularly will cause both natural hair and extensions to become dry and damaged, extensions are like a sponge and really hold onto water, this is why it can take twice as long for the extensions to dry compared to your hair. This is due to the processes that the extensions have been through to get to such a high-quality finish. Few people have the comfort of drying their hair in the morning without a hairdryer. Instead of a setting the hair drier at the highest heat instead choose lower, this will not only help to reduce heat but also heat damage. It is best to use a hairdryer with an air ionization function that prevents frizzy hair. 


Plastic brushes should be avoided as these will cause fly-aways due to the electrical charge created when the plastic brushes against the hair. Instead, use a brush with natural bristles like Viola bristle brush or a ceramic round brush. Perfect for styling and drying. 


If you are out of the house especially in the winter when the everywhere has the heating on your hair may suddenly become static. A quick and easy way to deal with this problem is to add a small bit of water and drag it gently through your hair. 

Moisture is the key to a static-free life, argan oil is wonderful for both skin and hair, just adding this to the ends when wet will help to protect and absorb moisture. 

Air humidifier 

Dry air, both heated and air-conditioned, will affect the condition of dry hair. So it is a good idea to humidify the air with special humidifiers - ordinary or electric. Reducing dry air will also have a positive effect on the skin condition. 

If you start by making small changes to your routine and products you use this will make a huge difference to the condition of your hair and also your skin. Just simply changing a few products (shampoo, oils and brush) will make all the difference. You have to remember that this is a natural process and sometimes it will be difficult to get rid of it. However, the above methods and a change in hair care will allow you to reduce static and bad hair days. 

Professional hair extensions are the best way to have beautiful and long hair. Our online shop offers many products for human hair extension. 

Removing static from hair isn’t difficult. There are many ways to avoid it happening, which can be persistent especially in winter and autumn. It is a good idea to buy the recommended aftercare products, the best hairbrush.