Autumn Hairstyle 2020 – Best Haircut Trends

This year’s Autumn hair is loose, flowing, freedom and comfort. Check out the hottest styles this season and maybe you'll be tempted by one of them? 

Autumn hair trends 2020 

If don’t have thick, long locks, it's worth opting for human hair extensions. This will open up your options to so many new styles! A couple of the most popular hair extensions methods are nano ring hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions. The beauty is you are able to add length and volume in one sitting and can mix colours for a seamless blend.

Although the summer has already passed, and autumn here, it has its advantages; who doesn’t like pulling out those big, cosy jumpers. The long autumn evenings here and on-trend hairstyles for autumn 2020 are a great opportunity to show off pumpkin picking or family pictures online. In the coming season, hair accessories (the easiest way to add variety to your hairstyle), such as Alice bands, decorative hairpins from pearls to tortoiseshell and even the scrunchies are back!

The collarbone cut looks so good on everyone, tape-in extensions are perfect for adding volume and filling out the ends, extensions are great for holding curls.

The French-inspired bob, off the shoulders, with a soft fridge to frame the face for an effortlessly cool look. With minimal heat to style, you will be able to give your hair a well-needed rest from heated styling tools. 

Our online shop - Viola Hair Extensions offer special products, which are perfect for autumn hair care.

When you think Autumn hair colour you think deep reds and warm browns, Viola has a wide selection of rich and vibrant colours, to warm up even the coldest days. 

Hair trends autumn 2020 - French bob 

This season effortless hair is in, with the always cool french bob there is no need to straighten and curl your hair. Many stars have decided to choose a French bob, this is a super comfortable style that fits all types of hair! What's more, it optically slims the face and emphasizes the cheekbones - no wonder that the a la French women's haircut was loved by celebrities, influencers and stylists from around the world. It looks great with straight and curly hair. The French bob can be styled in a variety of ways - it looks great sleek, and Shaggy which is effortlessly stylish.

Fashionable hairstyles for autumn 2020 - glass hair 

It's time to shine, yes it is harder to achieve but the end result can be breathtaking. Smooth, shiny and with no hint of a wispy hair. Glass hair is above all nourished and healthy hair, so you must start with conscious care. Determine its porosity (or in short, the degree of damage - most people have medium porosity) and focus on the PEH balance - a term for the ideal ratio between proteins, emollients and humectants in hair care. 

Start by straightening hair in small precise sections using a brush, run oil through the ends Argan oil is a favourite among hairdressers. And finish by spray hairspray onto the brush and comb through hair this will stop those flyaways. 

Very simple, but so effective shiny, loose and smooth. Don’t forget to use heat proctor and conditioner is your best friend! 

French fringe 

This year's fall will be inspired by the French, the famous fringe of the beautiful Brigitte Bardot is still so iconic and including influential women like Jeanne Damas so stylish with the shaggy locks and french fridge. 

The French Girl fringe, it’s soft on the cheekbones and arches just above the brows, usually rounded, so that the edges blend with the rest of the haircut. For that tousles naturally chic cut, perfect for an autumn makeover. We love the easy waves, which naturally takes us to the next trend for autumn 2020! 

Fashionable hairstyle autumn 2020 - natural waves  

Who said that surfer waves can only be worn in summer? The effect of hair swept by the sun, wind and saltwater romantic hairstyle. Styling beach waves is very simple. 

In the morning after washing and drying, curl your hair for the best results use Viola infra red straighteners these have smooth rounded edges making them perfect for creating loose curls. Spray a little hairspray and simply shake out your hair run your fingers through. Voila, beautiful beachy curls!