Best hair care routine - the beginner's guide

In times when a huge emphasis is put on appearance, the vast majority of women care more about their image. Well-groomed hair is the pride of every woman, so it is worth taking care of it, especially since it is a visible part of the hair, which attracts the attention of the whole environment.

It is also important to note that hair extensions need different care than natural hair - black hair extensions, red hair extensions and blonde clip in hair extensions - they need to be cared for on a daily basis. 


This area requires special care. Proper care will result in new hair and strengthen growing hair strands. Beautiful hair starts right here, which is why it is so important to provide all the ingredients, both from the outside and from the inside. In this section, we focus specifically on bouncing the hair at the roots, increasing volume and moisturizing the scalp.

For this section of hair, we use shampoos that are formulated with strong cleansing detergents and those that contain gentle cleansing agents. Remember to dilute and lather the shampoo dose each time. Shampooing your hair will be more effective.

Other cosmetics for this part of the hair are:


Conditioners deliver essential ingredients to the hair roots, make the strands easier to comb, and make the hair smoother and shinier. Conditioners can be used successfully as a substitute for shampoo.


There are two types of rubs: alcohol-free and those with alcohol content. After applying a lotion, the scalp should be massaged in order to stimulate blood circulation.


The scalp after scrubbing is cleansed and prepared for the next layer of cosmetics. Peeling is a preparation that perfectly cleanses the skin and hair at the roots from over-built conditioners and shampoo. It is worth performing once a week.


This area of the hair is the most visible, so here it is necessary to focus on its condition. To care for the lengths of the hair we use conditioners and masks, which we divide into:

  •         Humectant
  •         Protective
  •         Emollient

Hair lengths should be systematically oiled. This can be done in the privacy of your own home. Hair is nourished, stronger and more resilient. As with conditioners, it is advisable to try out several types of oils and find one that meets your expectations. If your hair is extremely dry along the lengths, it's a good idea to add moisture by using hair mists (silicone mists, for example).


This is the area where hair is oldest and therefore most damaged. This is where cosmetics with protective properties come into action. A silicone serum is very effective in protecting the ends from splitting. Serum should be applied twice to wet and dry hair.

Alternatively, you may use protective mousse or oil. Argan or raspberry seed oil are very effective in protecting the hair ends. Paraffin wax can also be applied to this part of the hair.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that every time you style your hair hot it weakens and damages it. You should take care of the hair every time you use heat-protective cosmetics, and in case of hairdressing treatments (coloring, bleaching) ask a professional for advice on subsequent care.

What is conscious hair care?

In many hair product advertisements, you see perfectly shiny hair that falls neatly into place. Is it possible to achieve this effect in reality? It is possible, but it certainly takes time and patience. A good step is to embark on an adventure with conscious hair care, which can help you make your dreams come true. Here you need to remember to choose the right products and develop habits that will positively affect hair care. It is worth remembering here to:

  •         Do not go to bed with wet hair,
  •         Do not towel dry your hair too much after washing,
  •         Do not use hot water to wash your hair,
  •         Do not use hot water to wash your hair, and do not use hot water to wash your hair.

Hair Care - What Products Are Worth Having?

Conscious hair care does not end with using the right shampoo. It is worth extending your hair care with products that can help build the right condition of your hair. This will include:

  •         hair conditioner,
  •         a hair mask,
  •         scalp peel,
  •         oil for the ends of your hair,
  •         a brush that fits your hair type.

What is the PEH balance?

PEH is an acronym for the ingredients found in hair care products. PEH balance is about providing hair with the right ingredients in the right proportions - proteins, emollients and humectants. So what can the proportions depend on to keep hair healthy, nourished and shiny?

  •         On the porosity of the hair,
  •         the condition of the hair,
  •         the needs of the hair,
  •         weather conditions

Hair Care Mistakes

Shiny and strong hair is everyone's secret weapon and dream. Do not let basic mistakes stand in the way of a beautiful hairstyle. Frequent colouring is known to damage hair. Regular use of a flat iron or curling iron does the same. But the number one mistake we make every day is not properly shampooing our hair! Where is the problem? First and foremost, the choice of shampoo and the technique of applying it to the scalp. The SLS and silicone-containing shampoos only seem to take care of our hair strands. Silicone forms an impermeable film, through which no nutrients can penetrate. As a result, our hair literally withers, becomes brittle and falls out. When using shampoo remember not to frizz your hair and to apply it to the scalp. Gently work the product through your hair from the roots to the ends. Never towel-dry wet hair!