How to curl hair extensions? The best ways

An interesting hair style is a very important part of a woman's image. Women try to make their hair look attractive and original. Sometimes, however, hair is too thin or too short to make a great hairstyle out of it. In such situations, hair extensions and hair thickening are helpful. How do I style my hair extensions? We like to share with you the best and safest methods.

Styling Extensions: The Most Important Tips

Before undergoing a hair extension and thickening treatment, ladies are often asked what hairstyles they can create with their hair extensions. The answer is that hair extensions and thickenings can be styled into almost any hairstyle you want, except for hairstyles that require a lot of backcombing. Teasing your hair is strictly forbidden - it can be the end of your hair extensions.

Hair extensions like braids or dreadlocks cannot be done with every hair extension method. But don't confuse the braiding method with braided hair, which exposes the scalp and cannot be done with hair extensions. In the case of dreadlocks, the dreads must be attached to the client's own hair.

Synthetic or Natural Hair?

There is a choice between natural and synthetic hair. The former are simply human hair, properly prepared and prepared for use, while the latter are created from artificial materials. The name itself and the origin of the hair strands indicate which will look better on our head and will not differ from our hairstyle. Natural hair can be styled, heat treated or coloured. This makes it easier to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, hair extensions are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. However, it is worth the investment to look phenomenal with your new hairstyle.

If you want your hair extensions to look as natural as possible, you should take care to choose the right type of hair extensions. We offer you a wide range of hair extensions:

  • 18 inch hair
  • 20 inch hair extensions
  • 24 inch hair extensions
  • So you can easily find strands that perfectly match your natural hair. 

    Invest in natural hair strands. Although slightly more expensive, they can be matched to a specific shade and their texture makes them indistinguishable from natural strands. The effect is so much better than using synthetic bristles.

    Make sure that the hair extensions do not stand out from your natural hair. If necessary, bend the ends of your hair, lay it back or create soft waves or curls.

    Use hair wax or silk to style your hair. These products have a shimmering effect. Introducing a few luminous highlights into your hairstyle will deceive the eye.


    Any curling or straightening of the hair extensions should be done only with a curling iron or straightening iron at 180 degrees Celsius maximum, but preferably with a curling iron or straightening iron at 180 degrees Celsius maximum. It is best to use curling irons or straighteners that have a maximum temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, but preferably not more than 160 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that these temperatures do not apply to synthetic hair, which can be styled at temperatures up to 120 degrees. Synthetic hair should not be styled with curling or straightening irons if possible.


    Extension hair requires the use of combs and brushes that are not made of metal - they should be things made of good materials, bristles and wood. Comb and brush your hair from the bottom - if you start from the top you risk pulling out the hair to which the strands are attached. A difficult task is styling a hairstyle with strands attached, which requires lifting the hair up. This includes chignons, ponytails or ponytail holders. A third person must help you comb your hair gently in order to hide the separation.

    Styling cosmetics

    It is best to use professional styling products, which make styling extensions easier. This avoids the need for using hot appliances and pulling the hair over a brush. Most of all, hair should be combed in the simplest way possible. It is best to use Velcro rollers, which do not require a lot of tension, to get your hair looking nice and styled.

    We often read or hear about assurances that if we have hair extensions, we can style and color them any way we want, as well as perm or chemically straighten them. It should be remembered, however, that such hair when the effect of the treatment begins to fade, may behave differently than natural hair.

    Many women dream of long bright hair, but we can rarely read that of all extensions only Slavic hair is suitable for bleaching, other hair must not even try to treat with bleach.

    Extended and/or thickened hair can be almost freely modeled by an appropriate cut - but of course, you cannot make very short, layered hairstyles on such hair, because it will not hide the joints.

    It is certainly worth, especially in windy conditions, to put on the hairband very fashionable nowadays, which thanks to elements such as a flower, stones, bow is a decoration and at the same time hold the hair, which will not blow away in the wind and not show the connection of strands.

    Young people love to wear emo or gothic hairstyles, and there are no obstacles to combing your hair extensions this way. You can braid your hair extensions in all kinds of fashionable braids and pin them up on your head. Extension hair can be pinned up in all kinds of ponytails. You may also style knots in the nape of your neck. In such cases, soft scrunchies, which do not put too much pressure on your hair and do not pull it tightly, should be avoided.