Best trendy hairstyles in 2022

This time, the hair stylists take us on a journey back to the 2000s, where the fashion for haircuts, colors and hair accessories is back. The look is wildly colourful, careless and simply fun. Forget about carefully groomed hairstyles, which took several hours. This winter, naturalness and extravagance are king. Which are the most fashionable hairstyles? Go to the photo gallery and see the inspirations.

The most fashionable hairstyles 2022

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During this autumn and winter, let's bet on the past. How so, the biggest trends of the 2000s are coming back. Already, you can see on Instagram the growing trend for extravagance and naturalness. Also hair accessories of all kinds are becoming more and more popular: hair clips, headbands, ribbons or colorful rubber bands.

Hairstyles like the bob are in vogue in the coming weeks:

  •         The bob is the most enduring hair style. For the past few months, it has been on the catwalks and on the streets of big cities. We are talking about shoulder-length short hair. Sunny blonde hair colours are particularly popular this fall
  •         curtain bangs - this hairstyle has been around since the summer and is still on everyone's lips about the trendiest cuts for autumn and winter 2021/2022. It's a fringe with a centre-parting, slightly longer at the sides and with a thinned-out middle parting.
  •         The wolf cut is for positively crazy women who love to rock and live like there's no tomorrow. This hairstyle is extremely daring and extravagant. The hair may be frayed or dishevelled and preferably in a light color.
  •         The soft shag particularly suits women with naturally curly or more wavy hair. The bangs, which do not follow any styling rules, are the distinguishing feature of this hairstyle
  •         The mullet hairstyle is the Czech footballer's style. Everyone knows it because it's so distinctive: short at the front, longer at the back and generally fringed.
  •         The long fringe is one of the biggest hits. Particularly fashionable are the long, eye-length fringes with a combination of straight hair to the shoulders or shoulder blades. This hairstyle especially suits women with a slim and slim face.
  •         The low ponytail - one of the most elegant hairstyles this fall and winter. A low ponytail or sleeked out hair gives an unforced elegance. It will go with a beautiful dress as well as regular shorts or tracksuit bottoms and, best of all, it takes literally no time at all to do.

The centre-parting: A 2000s classic on trend for 2022

We all know the centre-parting from the legendary 2000s, but now this classic is experiencing a renaissance. So forget the side parting and try this hairstyle for winter. It's easy to create this style: use a comb to fix a center point between the eyes and then part your hair along a line from your forehead to the back of your head. This makes the parting particularly precise.

The centre-parting is versatile: It looks great with ponytails, straight hair and curly hair. It also reveals your face and emphasises its symmetry. Round-faced women can and should wear the middle parting with loose hair over their forehead for a slimmer appearance. On the other hand, those with an oval face should wear their hair pulled back, over their ears or tied up in a ponytail. If you have a straight face, a centre-parting works well for you too as long as you twist your hair to create volume.

Curtain fringe: the winter hair trend

Curtain bangs are the absolute hit of 2021 and are still on trend. Celebrities love them because they suit every face shape and every hairstyle. They look beautiful with both casual and formal hairstyles.  This season, the 'courtain bangs' are a little longer than usual - they look like they need a trim - but this is what makes them stand out and look stylish and a little nonchalant. The bangs also make the face look slimmer, especially if it is round and conceals a forehead that is too high.

The trend for hairstyles with curly bangs is as follows: It must cover the eyebrows and can reach up to the moving eyelid. The fringe is straight and without graduation, which makes it look slightly heavier and fuller. It looks especially nice under a hat or headband!

Trendy Hairstyles for 2022: The Shaggy Fringe and Mullet

The shaggy fringe is often associated with 80s and 90s hairstyles and with the emo subculture. In recent years, the mullet was coined by Miley Cyrus, whose rebellious nature was underlined by this hairstyle. Long at the front, short at the back, once adored, then rejected again, and now back in fashion: The mullet is back this season. However, it has been revamped and is longer than usual. The shaggy fringe should reach your eyebrows and the back at least to your collarbone. However, the longer the hair, the better and more fashionable it is.

If you find this nonchalant hairstyle too daring or even borderline kitsch, don't worry, the mullet also looks great in its elegant and feminine version, which is the trend of 2022. The mullet works well with both straight and curly hair, but it is best suited to accentuate the natural character of the latter.