Top 5 perfect romantic valentines hairstyles

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching! Don't you have any ideas for the hairstyle for Valentine's Day? See our suggestions and fall in love at first sight with romantic hairstyles from Viola Hair Extensions.

A romantic hairstyle for Valentine's Day? What is it?

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February 14th is the day of love! It's a romantic day, which we want to spend with our beloved, to whom we want to show our love even more than on everyday basis. Do you want to surprise your partner with a unique and beautiful look? Can't think of a romantic hair style? Are you wondering what the best hairstyle for Valentine's Day should be?

First of all, the hairstyle for Valentine's Day needs to be natural, suiting your beauty type and face shape. Go for simple hairstyles, don't experiment, go for tried and tested styles that you can easily fix if needed. You are spending Valentine's Day with the person closest to your heart, so there is no need to "dress up" as someone else. Opt for a natural look and skip flashy makeup and stiff, impractical hairstyles. Before you choose your hairstyle, ask yourself, how will you celebrate Valentine's Day? Are you planning a romantic dinner, going to the movies, a wild party at the club or maybe just the two of you at home?

The hairstyle must fit the occasion. What if you are in for a surprise on Valentine's Day? Go for classics. Lush waves or updos with romantic elements always work well. Here are some hairstyles for Valentine's Day, which you are going to love Elegance, style and romance, of course, be careful not to overdo the candy-colored sweet look, from too much sweetness you may look infantile and childish. Here are our ideas for beautiful romantic hairstyles for Valentine's Day.

Hairstyles for Valentine's Day - headband

If you are looking for an appealing yet simple hair style, wear an Alice band. This unassuming accessory adds extra charm to your hairstyle. Simply match it with the matching earrings for added effect and you are all set for Valentine's Day.

Romantic Braids and Plaits

 The braid is one of the most romantic hairstyles and has many variations. You may braid two thin braids on the sides of your head and tie them at the back to resemble a heart shape. A thin, loose braid or hair braid should look casual with protruding strands falling down over your face. You may like to add a ribbon, e.g. red or black, to the braid. Dutch braid, French braid or even two braids are perfect hairstyles for Valentine's Day no matter how you plan to celebrate. An alternative to the traditional braid is the bubble braid, this hairstyle is perfect for going out, it will add volume to your hair and is more sophisticated and original than the traditional braid. Braids work equally well at a party or on a romantic walk.

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Are you happy with your hair up? A simple ponytail can soon be turned into a very special hairstyle for Valentine's Day! Accessorize with accessories like a large fabric bow to turn your ponytail into a chic and romantic hairstyle. Grab your hair in a ponytail and tie it low in the nape of your neck.

Balayage hair extensions will look great if you twist the hair slightly. Such soft waves accentuate the color but also the romance of the hairstyle. 

Hair updos for Valentine's Day are practical and the heart motif is perfect, so indulge yourself with heart-shaped hair pins on this day. You can style your mid-length hair slightly wavy or as straight as you like! Secure your half-length hair with the LOVE hairpin and you're ready to go.

A partial updo with a Valentine's Day theme?  Definitely yes! Gather your hair above the ear in the back of your head, twist it to one side and secure it with a heart-shaped pin for soft, gentle waves, carefully curling the ends of your hair.

Hairstyles for Valentine's Day: A Total Disorder

The Best Hairstyle is... no hairstyle at all? If your hair is untameable you can put it up in a loose chignon. Pull a few strands of hair out in front of your head and let the wind blow through your hair. Wear a casual moto jacket and a matching plain colored blouse. This look is perfect for rebellious women who like to live according to their own rules.

High ponytail

Here's a tip for the busy woman. You can simply fasten your hair with an elastic band or let your imagination run free and style your hair into a high ponytail. Add some decorative bobby pins and let a few stray hairs loose in the front. Open up your shoulders and wear soft jewelery for a guaranteed wow effect.

Hairstyles for Valentine's Day - Braid

Here should be a picture of a traditional braid, but we like to experiment. The following hairstyle is a modification of one of the most popular hairstyles in the world. We admit, it will take some time at first. But we guarantee it's worth the effort. The result will be worth it when you're ready to make everyone's jaw drop.


How about a chignon? Why not, it's a classic, seductive hairstyle just in time for Valentine's Day. Forget the messy bun, go for a classic French chignon or an elegant chignon at the nape of the neck, how to do it? Divide your hair into 2 sections on either side of your head, tie them into a small but partial ponytail to form loops, thread one loop through the other to make a unit, pull your hair apart with your fingers and secure with bobby pins.

To keep your neck and décolletage uncovered, the sexy hairstyle for this is the high chignon on top of your head, if you fancy this style, grab your hair in a ponytail on top of your head, tie it up with a thick rubber band, preferably made of fabric, the same color as your hair, then spread the hair from the ponytail evenly over the band to hide it, put a thin rubber band over your hair, twist the ends of your hair and wrap it around the resulting chignon.

Choose a hairstyle that suits your character

Valentine's Day is the day of love and friendship. Hairstyles for Valentine's Day should be comfortable and practical so that you can focus on the other person and the fun, not on your hair problems. Let your imagination run wild and let the romantic atmosphere take over.