Blonde or brunette?

Blonde or brunette?
Find out if it's really true that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

There is fashion, and there are trends, but there is no such thing as an official, one and universal definition of beauty. There never has been one. Over the years, images of feminine beauty have emerged, and the qualities of this beauty have been attributed to particular women - actresses, singers and models who have appeared on billboards and in glossy magazines. Instead, there are the attributes of femininity that we wrote about earlier. Eyes - a deep look, emphasized with subtle make-up. Lips - full and red. Hands - delicate and well-groomed. And most of all... the hair! Research shows that men are more attracted to women who wear their hair long. And while the most important thing is to please yourself first and foremost, after all, which of us doesn't like to see the gleam in men’s eyes when they look at us? Exactly.

Which hair extensions to choose?

Not all of us can afford long hair. Why? Because not every type of hair can be long. Some women have hair that is too sparse, while others struggle with thin and tangled strands. In the past, such a situation was indeed a problem. Fortunately, today there is the possibility of having hair extensions done. There are different methods, and the best one is chosen by a specialist - it must be a safe method for each individual case.
Once you have decided to have hair extensions, you are faced with another important decision - what colour of hair extensions to choose? Well, first of all, it is necessary to match the hair colour to the colour we are currently wearing. The decision to get hair extensions can also be the perfect time to have a complete makeover and a colour change! So, let's go back to the title question: is it true that men prefer blondes?

Blonde hair extensions

Why blondes?

Speaking of blondes, we should definitely mention a person who is associated with blonde hair like no one else. Marilyn Monroe. It was in the 1950s that stereotypes began to emerge - blondes are prettier, blondes are funnier, blondes are more feminine. These phrases, repeated over and over again, have taken root in our culture and are actually with us to this day (after all, in 1953 Howard Hawks finally decided that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes").

What does the research say?

We are more than happy to present an interesting fact. Namely, according to Deborah Arthurs, who conducted research for the Daily Mail, men find women with darker hair more sexually attractive. Based on a survey of 2,000 men conducted by the social networking site Badoo, more than 60 per cent of men said they prefer women with "raven black hair."
If the above titbit comes as a surprise, be warned - things will get even more interesting in a moment. A separate study by Viren Swami provides further information. The experiment involved two different studies because, he said, men's preference for blondes and brunettes is a more complex issue than it might seem.

Blonde or brunette hair extensions

The first study involved a woman who spent several weeks hanging out in nightclubs. During the experiment, she changed her hair colour three times - she was a blonde, brunette and redhead. People helping in the experiment watched her and counted how many men approached her in an hour. The results showed that she was most noticed when she was blonde. So the conclusion seems to be simple - men prefer blondes. But! Let's check out what happened next.
During the second experiment, a group of men were shown a photo of the same woman with different hair colours. The men almost unanimously said that the brunette was prettier.
What is the reason for this discrepancy? There can be many reasons. We have presented a juxtaposition of these mutually exclusive studies on purpose - what people like is a matter of taste. Modern ideology is changing. The role of women has changed (and is still changing). Hair colour should be individually matched to the person. This is influenced by complexion or eye colour as well as other factors. Viola Hair Extensions offers a wide range of colours and methods. For more detailed information, please see the "Hair Extensions" tab, where you can choose the hair that is perfect for you, detailing the method, colour and length.