Caring For Your Viola Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great when you want to add a little extra oomph to your hairstyle. But they can be time-consuming to put in and an investment in time and money. It’s essential, therefore, to care for your hair extensions, making sure that you do everything you can to ensure their health and longevity.

There’s already a lot of information online about how to care for your hair extensions, but some of it is conflicting and may leave you feeling a little confused. Not to worry, we’re going to investigate some of the tried and tested methods to care for your Viola Hair Extensions, so that you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best advice.

Shall we dive in?

How To Wash Hair Extensions

If you look after your hair extensions in the same way that you care for your normal hair, you could run into trouble. Hair extensions have special requirements and may become damaged or loose if they come into contact with your regular shampoo and conditioner combo.

Viola hair extensions, like most extensions on the market, should be paired with Viola aftercare products which protect the bond between the hair and the scalp while simultaneously ensuring that the hair remains clean and frizz-free.

When choosing an aftercare product, make sure that you stick with those recommended by Viola, as these will have already been tested on the particular bond, helping you to avoid embarrassing slippages or detachments. The right hair care treatment will ensure that your hair extensions maintain their quality, giving you confidence.

Three more things:

Only Condition The Mid-Lengths And Tips

You might think that once you’ve got the correct aftercare products that you can just continue with your normal routine. But this is not the case. Although you are free to shampoo from root to tip, the same does not apply to conditioner. Experts advise that you only condition the mid-lengths and the tips, as conditioning the scalp could cause the bonds to come loose.

Wash Hair In Lukewarm Water

Your hair and hair extensions are unlikely to get dirty to the point where they need to be washed in hot water. Lukewarm water will suffice 99 percent of the time. That’s just as well since experts recommend that people with hair extensions only use lukewarm water to avoid damaging both their hair and the hair in their hair extensions.

Wash Upright

Finally, experts recommend that those with hair extensions only wash their hair in an upright position. The reason? Washing hair at different angles can lead you to “flip” your hair, which in turn can cause tangles. Getting tangles out of hair extensions can be a nightmare, especially if doing so puts too much tension on the bond.

Curling Hair Extensions

We’d all love to have more bounce and volume in our hair. Curling your hair extensions is a great way to achieve this. But how do you curl them without damaging them in the process?

Use A Low Heat When Hot Curling

Make sure that you use the lowest heat option available when hot curling. Viola hair extensions are 100 percent natural human hair, and so irons that are too hot will lead to damage, just as it would to your regular hair. Turn the setting down to the minimum temperature available to ensure the longevity and vitality of your extensions.

Pull Gently On Your Extensions As You Curl

The last thing you want when curling your hair is to yank it out at the root, ruining all your hard work. Pull on hair extensions gentle (no matter what curling method you’re using), with the force that you’d pull on a sliding drawer.

Always Curl Extensions While Attached To Your Head

Some people think that you can curl hair extensions as they come out of the packet. But it turns out that this is poor hair extension care. Pre-curling hair extensions often prevents you from carrying out the installation process and also can lead to oddly-placed curls, ruining your style. Install hair extensions first, and the curl after.

Work In Large Sections

Usually, people curl their regular hair in small sections so that they can create as many ringlets as possible. But applying the same technique to hair extensions may be a mistake. The reason is that creating many smaller curls ultimately involves more brushing and more hair breakage. Stylists, therefore, recommend that people use big combs and larger swaths of hair and form Viola extended hair into bigger curls.

Additional Care

Now that you’ve got washing and curling sorted, what else do you need to do to make sure that you look after your hair extensions correctly?

Detangle Before Bed

Managing your hair extensions can be a nightmare, especially in the mornings after a night of tossing and turning in bed. Experts say that brushing your hair in the evening before you go to bed and wear in a single plait will make it much easier to manage the following day.

Apply Intensive Conditioning Treatments Weekly

Hair extensions do not receive natural oils secreted by pores in the scalp as regular hair does. As a result, they can quickly become dry and brittle, especially brands like Viola that use 100 percent natural human hair. As a result, you should use Viola deep-conditioning serum once per week to ensure that the inherent plasticity and flexibility of the hair remains.

Don’t Go To Be With Wet Hair

Wet hair tends to warp and twist as it dries. In doing so, it can become tangled, especially during the night as you move around with the hair in contact with your pillow. Wet hair extensions that dry during the night are a nightmare to brush in the morning. Again, applying too much pressure while trying to eliminate knots can lead to damage to the bonds and cuticles, so make sure you allow adequate time to dry before you hit the sack.

So there you have it: a quick and easy guide to caring for your Viola extensions. Be beautiful.

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