Clipping In Hair Extensions: The Viola Guide

As recognised hair extension suppliers, Viola Hair Extensions offer quality, professional products because we know great hair is an integral part of any look. Get the hair right and everything else just falls into place. But for those who like to change their look often, the prospect of growing out their hair is nigh-on impossible. Likewise micro-ring extensions can seem like way too much of a commitment. That’s why God in His infinite wisdom invented clip-in hair extensions. These can be used quickly and relatively easily to create a dazzling array of looks… And when the wearer is done with it, she can simply unclip her extensions and try something completely different.

While hair extensions offer the capricious diva an opportunity to create a huge array of incredible looks quickly and change them regularly, there’s a knack to getting them just right. If you’ve ever wanted a definitive guide to how to clip in or remove hair extensions, if you’ve ever wondered how long they last or which are the best ones for you… Read on!

How to clip in hair extensions

The beauty of clip-in hair extensions is that they can give you a length and volume that you may not be able to achieve with your natural hair. The key lies with clipping them in properly for a seamless and natural look.

This tutorial is assuming that you’re going for a full head of extensions. For this, as well as your extensions, you’ll need a mirror, a hair clip and a soft paddle brush.

Step 1

Start with a 3 clip weft. Before you start you need to brush your own hair thoroughly using your soft paddle brush to rid it of any tangles which could complicate things. Separate a straight thin section of your hair with a finger or a comb at the nape of your neck. Now, clip the rest of your hair away by using a hair clip.

Take your 3 clip weft and brush it out, starting at the bottom and working your way up the weft before clipping it into your hair. Measure the weft against your head to make sure that it’s just the right size to fit seamlessly into the sectioned hair.

Clip in the middle clip at the centre of your head, clipping it securely into the roots of your hair. Getting the clip as close to the roots as possible will help keep the weft secure and make for a more natural look.

You can make it a little easier by pulling that section slightly away from your scalp to get some leverage. Alternatively you can tease it to make the base more secure.

With the middle clip in place, secure the left and right sides.

Step 2

Separate out a section of your hair that’s thin and straight above the first clipped weft. Now clip the rest of the hair away with a hair clip.

Now, take a smaller 4 clip weft. Again, brush it from bottom to top, making sure that it’s free of knots. Again, measure it up to ensure a perfect fit on your head.

Find the centre of your head and clip the middle two clips into your roots first, before clipping in the side clips. There should be no bumps in the weft, so ensure this by stretching the weft to the sides slightly when you’re clipping in the middle clips.

Step 3

Now you’ll need the largest 4 clip weft. Separate a straight and thin section of hair from ear to ear just above the second clipped in weft. Clip away the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way.

Brush out the largest weft and measure it up against your head for a close fit. Clip in the middle two clips before securing the sides.

Step 4

Separate out another straight thin section of hair roughly 2” below the crown of your head and clip away the rest of the hair. Now take the second 3 clip weft.

Once again, brush it out thoroughly and measure it against your head for a perfect fit. Once again,. find the centre of your head, secure the middle clip deep into the roots before securing the side clips.

Now, all the large wefts at the back of the head are in, we just need to secure the small ones.

Step 5

The remaining wefts that go on the sides of your hair. These add volume to the sides and make for a more seamless look.

Separate a section of hair around 2” two inches above one ear (you can start on the left or right, it’s up to you). Clip the rest of the hair away and take a 2 clip weft. Secure it closest to your hairline first. Now secure the second clip closer to the back of the head.

Then simply repeat the same process on the other side of your head.  

Now you just need to brush out your hair and check with your mirror to ensure that the wefts are hidden.

And that’s it, you’ve successfully clipped in your extensions. Easy, wasn’t it?

How long do hair extensions last?

It really depends on which kinds of hair extensions you choose. The good news is that Viola’s hair extensions are made from top quality human hair. It is considered to be the top of the line in human hair because it has its cuticles kept intact facing the same directions from root to end. This helps to prevent tangling and matting while helping it to remain in peak condition with a proper care for over a year.

If you opt for something more permanent than clip-ins, tape-ins maintenance 6-8 weeks, hair can last over 6 months (with proper care), while keratin tips last 4-8 weeks, and e-bonded extensions tend to last for 6-8 weeks too!

How do I remove clip in?

Clip-in extensions are really easy to remove. This 5 step process will make it seem as though they were never there and give you an instant transformation;

Step 1

Part your hair to expose the top of the first clip extension you want to remove. We recommend starting at the top of your head and working your way down.

Step 2

Place your thumbs down on either side of the top of the clip, place your index fingers on both sides underneath your thumbs.

Step 3

Press your thumbs down and apply outward pressure with your index fingers. The clip should snap open easily. Open all the clips in the weft in this way before attempting to remove the weft.

Step 4

Gently lift the opened clips up and away from your hair. Be as slow and gentle as possible to avoid pulling out any of your own hairs.

Step 5

Repeat the same process for the rest of your extensions.

Easy peasy!

Which are the best Viola hair extensions?

That really depends on you!

Do you want something that’s temporary or more permanent? Do you want something that’s easy to maintain or are you happy to trade convenience for permanence. Whether you choose clip-ins, tape-ins, i-tip hair extensions, or nano hair extensions, you can rest assured knowing that your extensions are made to last for as long as possible and are made with the highest quality human hair for a long lasting and incredibly natural look!