Clip-ins - artificial or natural?

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    Clip-ins - artificial or natural, which to choose?

    Clip-ins - artificial or natural, which to choose?

    Hair is synonymous with so many desirable things that it's no wonder many women dream of having beautiful, lush and healthy-looking hair. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast thick and long hair. Women choose clip-ins to improve their appearance, gain self-confidence, and gain recognition - there are various reasons. No matter what yours is, it's worth making your dreams come true. Go for it!

    Both natural and artificial hair is available on the market. We explain what the differences are so you can choose the solution that suits you best.

    What are clip-ins?

    What are clip-ins?

    Hair extensions are for many women one of the best inventions to improve their beauty. Clip-ins allow you to feel beautiful and feminine even if you haven't been endowed with amazing hair. Thanks to clip-ins, a new hairstyle is a matter of seconds. They improve how you feel by making the hair long, thick and looking healthy. For those of us who have high porosity hair, they allow achieving the effect of a shiny surface, as if from a shampoo commercial. Clip-ins will also be great for women with brittle and thin hair, as well as one that is very difficult to grow. But not only that - many women don't want to just wait for their hair to grow back, so they choose clip-ins that allow them to get an immediate result.

    Clip In hair extensions

    Clip-in hair extensions

    The clip-in method is one of the much-loved and popular ways to get a quick hair makeover. Clip-ins are strands of hair of different lengths, as well as colours, which are attached to the scalp with appropriate clips. The procedure is relatively simple and can be successfully performed at home. There is a whole range of shades of blonde, brown, etc. available on the market. That is why each of us will surely find something for our type of beauty and complexion to make the whole look natural.

    Natural Clip In

    Natural clip-ins

    Every woman wants her hair extensions to create a hairstyle that will not only look beautiful and natural but also allow easy styling every day. That's why mainly natural hair extensions are popular among women. They have many advantages that every woman will love. Most importantly, they are made of the highest quality natural Slavic hair, valued for its soft and silky structure. Only this type of hair guarantees natural shine and elasticity. Natural hair clip-ins very closely resemble real hair and can't be distinguished - not only at first glance but at every glance. You don't have to walk around with loose hair only. Natural clip-ins allow you to create various hairstyles: ponytails, buns and others. What's more, you take care of real hair clip-ins in the same way as your natural hair because they are resistant to high temperatures. You can curl them, straighten them, colour them, blow dry them, or use a curler and nothing bad will happen to them. Natural clip-ins are difficult to recognise because they are no different from your hair. Therefore, you can be sure that the new look will be great and harmonize with your beauty. Natural clip-ins will last for several months provided they are properly cared for. Use gentle and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair healthy, beautiful, naturally shiny, as well as pleasant and smooth to the touch.

    Artificial clip-ins - is it worth it?

    Artificial clip-ins - is it worth it?

    Natural clip-ins have many advantages. They make the new hairstyle look beautiful, and we can treat the hair as our own. Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is not resistant to high temperatures. So if you start straightening, curling or drying your hair, you may end up burning hair and melting it. Admittedly, it makes it very difficult to create a different look every day.

    Clip-ins made of natural hair allow you to create beautiful hair and do practically anything you want with it. They are like our real hair. With artificial ones, care is extremely difficult and styling options - very limited. Natural clip-ins are known for their durability. For example, micro ring hair extensions can look great even for 3-4 months. On the other hand, synthetic hair quickly fades exposed to UV radiation, loses its colour, breaks and, unfortunately, it happens that it falls off at the point of attachment. Real hair clip-ins have a natural shine to them. Synthetic ones, on the other hand, shine artificially and too intensely, which doesn't look too good. By taking care of natural clip-ins you get the effect of pleasant to touch strands, artificial strands will always be plastic to the touch. No matter what cosmetics you use - they often get frizzy, tangled and fall out.

    If you want a long-lasting effect, a high-quality product that will naturally blend with your hair, there can be only one choice: real hair clip-ins. The price is higher compared to artificial strands, however, you pay for comfort, a natural look, durability and many possibilities for styling your hair.