Detachable ponytail - create a captivating hairstyle in an instant

Detachable ponytail

Detachable ponytail - create a captivating hairstyle in an instant

If your hair is thin, grows poorly or you're just unhappy with its length, you've surely wondered many times how to style yourself to dazzle with your hairstyle. Or maybe you have an important event coming up and your hair isn’t in the best condition? You don't have to opt for radical treatments right away - a detachable ponytail may be the solution. The hairstyle achieved with a detachable ponytail will allow you to achieve a Hollywood star look in no time. The right natural hair detachable ponytail will transform your look and draw admiring glances.

Natural hair detachable ponytail

There is a huge selection of hair extensions available on the market. The synthetic ones are the most affordable. However, it's better to avoid them if you want to look glamorous. Synthetic hair is definitely stiffer and thicker than natural hair and, unfortunately, its shine in daylight is very unnatural. It resembles the hair of a doll. The best solution will be to choose natural Slavic hair. It is soft and shiny. It looks and feels like 100% natural hair.

An investment in a natural hair detachable ponytail will surely bring you more satisfaction and joy with the results obtained. Hairpieces made of natural hair are also much more durable than synthetic ones. Thanks to this, we can use them for a long time. Importantly, we can do hair extensions at home. It’s up to us how long the extensions will stay in good shape. Their proper care is crucial here. You should wash them in lukewarm water, using delicate shampoos - special cosmetics for hair extensions will work best.

The detachable ponytail

The detachable ponytail can definitely be dried with a hair dryer. In the case of natural hair, the use of straighteners is also allowed, but be sure to use special heat-protective cosmetics. Finally, a very important point about how to brush your hair. This should be done with brushes specifically designed for this type of hair. Badger or boar brushes are perfect, as they detangle the strands and do not damage them.

Detachable ponytail - types and methods of attachment

There is a wide selection of detachable ponytails available on the market, thanks to which we can get a spectacular hairstyle with a length down to the waist. These range from detachable ponytails made of straight hair, curly hair, or even with ready-made braids. A wide range of colours and shades allows you to match hairpieces perfectly to the colour of your own hair, and thus get an even better final result.

A blonde detachable ponytail

A blonde detachable ponytail can be found in every possible variant, even in the ombre version or with highlights. The same goes for other colours. There is simply something for everyone. But as you know, a woman is flighty, so many of you will certainly be pleased to know that the natural detachable ponytail can be dyed and shortened as you wish.

The easiest and fastest way to change your hairstyle is to use a detachable ponytail with an elastic band. The advantage is that you can do the hairstyle yourself. How to attach such a ponytail? It's very simple. All you need to do is to make a ponytail from your own hair, then add a detachable ponytail and tie it with an elastic band that is attached to it. If necessary, the place of attachment can be wrapped with a strand of hair and completely hide the connection.

Another solution offered by hairpiece producers is a slip-on comb or a clip placed in a detachable ponytail. As with the ponytail with an elastic band, you should first make a ponytail from your own hair and then clip in the hairpiece. This solution also includes a special braiding strand, with the help of which we can hide the connection between the strands of your own hair and extensions.

Detachable ponytail - what hairstyles can be made?

Detachable ponytail - what hairstyles can be made?

The first idea for a hairstyle prepared with a detachable ponytail will of course be a spectacular and timeless horsetail. A thick and long ponytail in the style of Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez is the one many of us dream of. Nothing is easier, all you need is a properly matched hairpiece and it's ready. It is a hairstyle that is appreciated and often worn by celebrities due to its combination of simplicity and extraordinary elegance. An additional advantage of such a hairstyle is the slimmer look of the face. The hairstyle can be prepared with both straight and wavy hair. Importantly, it is timeless and always fashionable.

In addition to a high ponytail, there is a possibility of pinning the hair low or on the side. Such a hairstyle is equally elegant and stylish and is perfect for everyday wear.

A bun made with a detachable ponytail will also look fantastic. With maximum hair thickening, you can easily achieve a wow effect. Buns can be modified as desired, styled smooth or with loose strands. There are numerous possibilities, it all depends on our own preferences and the occasion which you are preparing the hairstyle for.


A detachable ponytail will also be ideal for making a braid. An impressive, thick braid is sure to add a girlish charm to your face. Thanks to detachable hairpieces, we can make a braid in any style, both high and low.

There are so many possibilities for preparing hairstyles with the use of a detachable ponytail that we are basically limited only by our own imagination.