Autumn/winter hairstyles: the latest trends you should know

Autumn/winter hairstyles: the latest trends you should know

Autumn/winter hairstyles: the latest trends you should know

Autumn is a good time to change and refresh your hairstyle. After the summer, hair needs rest, nourishment and regeneration. The condition of our hair has certainly been affected by high temperatures, harmful sunlight or salt water. In addition to proper care that will regenerate your hair, you should also think about a new hairstyle. What cuts and colours will be fashionable in the near future? What will surprise us with autumn/winter hairstyles in 2022?

Fashionable hairstyles for autumn and winter

Fashionable hairstyles for autumn and winter. Where to find inspiration?

We usually look for inspiration when deciding on a new hairstyle. Something to base our idea on. Nowadays, the best place to search is the Internet. The web is full of colourful photos of celebrities showing off their hairstyles. Nevertheless, just because someone looks nice in something doesn’t mean that everyone will look equally flattering in a particular hairstyle or colour. Let's also take into account the fact that celebrities very often decide to use hair extensions. That's why they always look so good! Fortunately, hair extensions - including excellent quality Slavic hair - are available to everyone today. Celebrities don't have the exclusive right to them. Autumn/winter hairstyles need healthy and shiny hair. It should always be the basis of any styling.

Have you found a hairstyle that stole your heart when looking through photos on the Internet? Or are you wondering if a Bella Hadid-style chocolate brown will be right for you in the upcoming autumn/winter season? It’s worth discussing possible changes with an experienced stylist. When looking for an idea, it's obviously worth keeping your eyes peeled. Including watching fashion shows with global designers. The styles which are presented on the catwalks can often be found later on the streets - especially when it comes to trends in the field of hair styling. What autumn/winter hairstyles are in trend right now? There are several safe bets.

Autumn/winter hairstyles

Autumn/winter hairstyles. Go for colour!

First of all, it’s worth refreshing the colour in autumn. The coming season will be full of various shades of blonde. A colouration called tweed blonde has been particularly popular recently. This is an innovative solution of interweaving strands of warm blonde with cold shade ones. This method will refresh any hairstyle, ease sun-related discolouration and naturally cover up grey hair. Tweed blonde colouring and trendy hairstyles for autumn and winter definitely go hand in hand.

Proposals for brunettes include various warm shades of brown. Milk chocolate, coffee and caramel are especially popular. The best results of colouring in shades of brown will be achieved thanks to the method of weaving lighter and more delicate strands into your hair. The hair will look sun-kissed and the 3D effect will add volume to the hairstyle. Clip-ins may be a solution for women who don't want to bleach their hair. Slavic hairpieces are safe, don't weigh down the scalp, are perfect for styling and are impressively soft and smooth. Importantly, you can put them on at home by yourself. You can wear them every day or for special occasions. A more permanent solution is, of course, to have hair extensions done in professional salons. Hair extensions offered there are made of natural Slavic hair, which blends perfectly with your own and gives you 100% satisfaction with the result.

Hairstyles for autumn

Hairstyles for autumn - bob haircut rocks

When we think of refreshing our hairstyle, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a haircut. For some, the maximum possible change is a little trim of the ends. But what if we decide to take more radical action? When it comes to trendy hairstyles for autumn, bob cuts will continue to dominate. Such a hairstyle suits almost everyone and, most importantly, is extremely easy to style. In addition, you can come up with many variations on its basis. Depending on individual preferences, you can choose the long bob option for longer hair or the blunt bob - a shorter cut at ear level. Women's hairstyles for autumn based on the bob cut provide a huge number of possibilities and a lot of convenience. All you have to do is apply a special mousse to your hair after washing it, blow it dry with a hairdryer and your hair will style itself. Autumn/winter hairstyles must be resistant to many factors. The bob hairstyle will perfectly resist gusts of wind as well as hats or hoods.

Women's hairstyles for winter

Women's hairstyles for winter

When it comes to winter hairstyles, it's a good idea to think about styling that will look good right after taking the hat off. Winter is also a time of constant temperature changes - we stay in heated rooms as well as the cold outside. We won't probably avoid dry air and snow either. Perfectly smooth hair parted in the middle of the head or on the side is one of the suggestions for autumn/winter hairstyles for women with long and medium-long hair. This is an option that will look very good with both natural hair and extensions.

Longer fringe brushed to the side is becoming fashionable again. A simple hairstyle with side fringe can be spiced up with a hairpin near the ear. Straight hair is quite a universal solution as it is perfect for everyday styling and, with a little creativity, it may turn into an elegant hairstyle in the blink of an eye.

Autumn/winter hairstyles have a large catalogue of options to choose from. Braids will be a great idea for women who like to have their hair pinned up. Boxer braids, which are tight and stay close to the head, are very popular. It is a hairstyle that holds well and keeps your hair under control. Boxer braids are usually Dutch or French braids, braided on both sides of the head. Braiding using hair extensions has become very popular. With the use of additional hair strands, especially if you use natural Slavic hair, you will get an amazing and original hairstyle. It's a good idea to use extensions in a shade that is slightly different from your own. The effect of such a combination will be even more spectacular. Natural hair of Slavic origin is smooth and shiny, doesn't tangle and is indistinguishable from your own when braided together. They are perfect for making this type of hairstyle for winter and more.