Fashionable winter hairstyles 2020

The trendiest hairstyles for autumn and winter are, as it turns out, some of the simplest one’s partly due to the lockdown, shaggy and laid-back looks are in! Latest trends will surprise us with a return to the past decades 70s and 80s even the mullet has been making an appearance. Looking at the proposals of famous fashion houses, discover the hot trends and see what hairstyles will reign in the coming months.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2020

What kind of hairstyles in the autumn-winter season 2020/2021 will be a hit, from the smoothly combed hair to big bouncy waves and loose free curls. Professional hair extensions, like Human Hair Extensions will instantly boost any hairstyle.

What hair colours are in this winter? Winter hair colours are always warm and natural shades. Low lights, high lights and Baby lights for adding warm tones that softly mix in are a must this season.

Professional extensions allow you to enjoy beautiful, long and thick hair for over a year with the right care. So, whether you want long following auburn locks or add volume to a get that effortlessly tousled look Viola hair extensions have the tools for the job. 

The fashion for loose up dos and lightly tousled hair is a continuation of this year's summer trends, where the emphasis was also placed on natural make-up to highlight key features in the face. If you don't want to spend too much time on styling your hair, styles shaggy loose curls are definitely for you! All you need to do is after washing, curl your hair, gently brush out the curls and off you go. Wearing your hair in a plait at night and then in the morning give you hair a little shake and you are set for the day. This is the beauty of hair extensions.

Details are also drawn from the style of the 1920s with elegant Hollywood waves, curled up, oozing beauty. Up styles like a mid-ponytail with framing sections at the front are growing in popularity, think the 70s ponytail, sleek and bouncy with classic curled up ends is the height of sophistication. Perfect for an evening and business casuals, whilst maintained in glamour aesthetics.

Hair accessories are also in, whether it’s a silk scarf to tie the hair up or a bright or pearl headband to pull back hair perfect for the workplace and will brighten any outfit. A trend that hasn’t been seen since the 90s which frames and bringing in the attention to your face is two small plates in the front section which is both simple and stylish.

Style trends 2020

The Sleek Up do 

There is something always chic about a pulled-back, prim up do with not a strand out of place. Whether it’s a bun or a ponytail without fail this look will guarantee to wow.


For hair to shine need to make sure the hair is hydrated, Viola leave-in conditioning spray and Argan oils for brunettes are a must. To stop the fly-aways by adding hairspray to your brush this will help tame those annoying strays.

Smooth is in

Smooth, shiny hair is always highly desired and irresistible and especially is it is back in for autumn-winter 2020/2021 season! See on any runway the styles with hair pulled back and naturally falling front sections. On the catwalk, Givenchy perfectly smoothed hair is ideal for creating a strong but still feminine look.

Hollywood curls and waves

The timeless style of Hollywood stars and hairstyles inspired by the1920s, this time complemented by a modern feature. In the autumn-winter season 2020/2021 both perfectly styled curls and fashionable waves are desired. The perfect Hollywood classic hair should be complemented with glamorous makeup, red lipstick is almost obligatory. Ready to look like a red carpet?

The Shag

A totally opposite alternative to precise up dos and sleek curls is the effortlessly cool tousled hair known as the shag. First came into popularity in the 70s a casual easy style, start with volume and curls for this always cool look. With the addition of a fringe to frame, the face with no sharp edges. The shag works well and either a bob all the way to waist length, never over-styled more laid back and easy.

When styling and caring for both natural and extensions you need to make sure that you are using the very best products. Viola hair extensions not only sells amazing human hair but also all the care products to keep it looking and feeling amazing all year round.