The most common methods of hair extensions - comparison

Everyone wishes to either extend or thicken their hair, of course, you are then faced with two dilemmas - which hair to choose and what method best suits you.

While the answer to this first question is simple - when it comes to extensions, it is worth investing in the highest quality Remy human hair. Not only can the hair last over a year with the right care whilst staying looking and feeling beautiful.

Why is it important to choose Remy? Well, Remy means the hairs cuticle are intact, facing the same direction and will stay tangle-free.

When choosing the right method it all depends on a number of key points, preferences, your natural hair, lifestyle and the final outcome you desire. There are many methods of professional hair extensions - tape in hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions and human hair extensions. Deciding on which to choose it is definitely worth carefully researching different methods and finding which one would be the best choice for you as well as talking with a qualified Extensionist.

Clip-in hair extensions

A great way to dip your feet into the world of extensions is to start with Clip-in hair, boosting your natural locks from the comfort of your own home within moments.

Always start at the bottom and work your way up the head, simply clipping the weft to the natural roots, to ensure you have a secure hold add hairspray and a little backcombing to the tops of the hair before applying the clips.

The popularity of this method is partly because it’s an easy way to add volume and length to hair from home, it is also perfect way to get the wedding hair you always dreamed of without having to spend hours in the salon chair.

Unfortunately, this solution is only suitable for special occasions, because the hair attached is not permanent so must always be removed in the evening and during excise as it can cause unnecessary damage.

As with all hair extensions you must always be aware of the risks such as the sauna, swimming pool, sunbathing, chlorine and high temperatures can affect the colour as well as be damaging to the extensions and the natural hair.

Clip-in extensions are perfect for those days where you fancy a change, and this can be achieved within minutes, you can add volume and length and have the hair you always dreamed of having.

Tape-in hair extensions

One of the fastest-growing professional hair extensions methods ever, the Tape-in is steadily taking place in the top hair extensions techniques. And it’s clear to see why fast, simple application fit a whole head within an hour. As well as being perfect for those with fine hair especially if mixing the original tapes with top-secret tape-in extensions. Each of the secret tape tabs replicates the look of natural roots, easy to hide and be fitted higher than any other method of hair extensions.

Simply take two-piece of tape-in wefts and sandwich the natural hair in between. The adhesive strip will stick together and are strong enough to hold the tapes in for up to 8 weeks, with the aid of tape bond remover the tapes will then easily slide out.

Nano tip and Micro rings hair extensions

Nano tip and micro ring also called I-tip and stick tip extensions are extremely popular due to huge range of colours, lengths and weights available, there is really something for everyone. Both methods are applied by clamping the strands of the extension to natural hair with the use of specialist hair extensions pliers.

With both the Nano tip and I-tip there are lots of beads to choose from with different colours available, to ensure the extensions stays a secret should always match the beads to the root hair colour, so even if the wind picks up the beads are not going to be seen. All hair extensions technicians know the no go zones with placement, so even if the extensions are up in a ponytail should still be hidden within the hair.

Of course, extensions are not always suitable for people who often dye their hair, as the dye can affect the hair and bonds. If someone hair is very fine or brittle there may not be enough hair to cover of extensions or the pressure could cause hair to break at the root.

The beauty of both Nano tip and I-tip hair extensions is that can blend and mix colours for the most natural finish, and refit time and time again.

Keratin pre-bonded

Among the many methods of extensions, there is the heat fusion keratin pre-bonded, extremely strong and a great technique for mixing and blending colours. There are the U-tip also known as the nail tip with its easy to bond shape, the new flat tip with a square tip that can be cut and moulded. I-tip extensions can also be adapted with keratin glue or by adding keratin rebonds to the tips.

With the use of a heat fusion iron to melt the bond making them flexible enough to be moulded around the client’s natural hair to create a small neat fitting. Heat fusion is one of the most discrete methods of hair extensions due to the bonds being able to match and blend in with the natural client's hair. As with all professional hair extensions these should only ever be fitted by a qualified technician especially as it requires the use of hot glue to apply. If it is not fitted correctly and without the use of the proper safety equipment can cause burns. When the application is performed correctly it will instantly enhance the hair by adding both length and volume and can be refitted again and again with the aid of crushing pliers, solvent bond remover and keratin rebonds.

Ultrasonic connector

With this amazing new technology, you are now able to apply pre-bonded extensions without the use of heat. It uses ultrasonic waves to melts the keratin of pre-bonded extensions to the be moulder into small neat bonds. These connections are not only barely visible but also extremely flexible - they adapt to the thickness of the hair and the temperature of the environment, closely adhering to it.

Removes any damage that can cause when using heat to apply the extensions it ensures the natural hair maintains its condition and appearance along with no negative impact on the scalp. During hair lengthening with this method, no high temperature needed and are able to fit extremely precisely. This is possible thanks to a delicate, specialized method of applying by trained professionals. The effects and benefits of the Ultrasonic hair extension method have a beautifully natural outcome.

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