Hair care after summer - tips, tricks, cosmetics

If you've noticed that your hair has suddenly become dry and dull after the summer, it's time to find out how to regenerate it. The sun and water are factors that cause your hair to weaken, and when you add your natural predisposition to having dry ends, the problem is over! Find out how to quickly strengthen and hydrate your hair! 

While a full day of sunbathing can be relaxing, it's certainly no treat for your hair. Heat, water - sometimes salty, sometimes chlorinated - makes your hair tired. Add to that all the styling products you use on vacation and your hair becomes a mess! 

Dry, dull and brittle. Hair after summer is not always in the shape we want it to be. Often, the only way out of the situation is to go to the hairdresser and have a large cut. Luckily, you can avoid this and use home remedies to strengthen your hair and restore its healthy appearance. How to do it? 

Factors that weaken hair in the summer 

During the summer, your hair is exposed to the negative effects of many external factors. Among the most damaging ones we can include: 

  • UV radiation 
  • wind 
  • high temperatures 
  • salt water in the sea and chlorinated water in a swimming pool 
  • air conditioning 
  • Insufficient or inadequate skin care 
  • Unsuitable diet 

The condition of your hair after summer 

The above-mentioned external factors cause damage to the hair cuticles. Often, the hair's keratin, its main building block, is also damaged. The result is dry, brittle and frizzy hair. The hair lacks shine, is dull, rough and lacks elasticity. Split ends appear and the scalp starts to get fatty. You may also notice increased hair loss after returning from vacation. 


It's not only natural hair that needs protection from the sun's rays and a thorough regeneration after summer. Extension hair also needs proper care and protection. Professional Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extension, I-Tip Hair Extensions and U-Tip Hair Extensions also need a level of care. 

How to help your hair? Essential Hair Care Treatments 

What your hair needs most right now is moisture, strength, and nourishment. Reach for products rich in vitamins A and E, proteins, and keratin. For this reason, you should leave out the light conditioners and hair balms and replace them with vegetable oil-rich masks. And don't skip the oiling itself, as this is one of the hair treatments your hair needs most right now. Do a scalp scrub too, which will remove dead skin and oxygenate your roots. 

For modern women, hair is primarily an aesthetic function, so it is very important that it is healthy and shiny. For this purpose, more and more attention is paid to their professional regeneration and reconstruction, in which the main role is played by keratin. 

It is present in almost all hair, but the most important is its presence in the cortex, where it has the form of interconnected chains. If the level of keratin is intact, the hair is bouncy, strong and smooth, however, when the disulfide bonds building the keratin are broken (e.g. through strong chemical treatments and frequent exposure to harmful external factors) the hair changes its shape, becomes weak, brittle and dull. To restore their beautiful and healthy look, intensive regenerating keratin-based cosmetics come to the rescue. They perfectly rebuild the hair after the summer and prepare it for the demanding autumn season. 

Sun-damaged hair: How do you care for it? 

Summer is a wonderful time! The weather is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and taking long walks in the sun. Unfortunately, although this certainly has a positive effect on our mood, it also affects the condition of our hair. Why? All because of the UV rays emitted by the sun. It causes the hair cuticles to bend, making them vulnerable to damage. In addition, it deprives hair of melanin, which is its natural pigment and protective covering. Under the influence of the sun the hair color fades and it also becomes very dry. One big mistake we often make is to expose wet hair to the sun so that it dries faster. When exposed to water, UV radiation has an even stronger effect and can therefore damage your hair very much. 

Intensive regenerating mask with thermal complex 

The first step of intensive regeneration is the application of the mask containing an innovative warming complex, which delivering heat opens the hair cuticle allowing the active ingredients to effectively rebuild it from the inside. Present in the mask vitamins, keratin and bamboo extract restore the natural strength, vitality and smoothness to the hair, which can be seen from the first use. An additional advantage is the UV filter, which protects hair from the harmful effects of sunlight, which should be remembered not only in summer, but at any time of year. 


For women who value convenience and time there is a mask that meets all the needs of caring for damaged hair. In addition to rebuilding, it replenishes moisture and strengthens, and thanks to sweet almond oil gives elasticity and flexibility to damaged hair while increasing its volume. Regardless of whether you apply the product to wet or dry hair, the result will be immediate. The keratin content reconstructs the loss in the structure of the hair, conditions and increases its volume.