How to Bring Out Natural Curls: 8 Tips

Would you like to have natural waves but your hair does not cooperate? Or perhaps your hair is not styled evenly and does not want to curl, which results in an unsightly hairstyle? We have a solution. The solution is to try natural curl enhancement, which is what we are going to focus on in this article.   

Beautiful curly hair is the dream of every hair owner who has hair that is at least a little susceptible. A woman who finds her hair frizzy, dry and difficult to style wishes to have beautiful, healthy and curly hair on her head instead of frizzy hair. How to make your hair wavy or curly? Learn the secrets and tricks to permanently bring out the curl.   


Does your hair have a tendency to curl or flip out? Do you use a flat iron all the time but it dries out your hair over time? Or perhaps every time you leave the house in humid air, your hair frizzes out and your style looks unattractive and unkempt? The way to deal with these problems is to try and get the twists out.   


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Curl extraction - what does it actually mean?  

Getting the frizz out is a strenuous process, but it's an impressive one. To start with, you should exclude from your hair care routine all products, which contain silicones and shine enhancers. It is important to note that with wavy hair, you will have to fight a little to get the curl, as it is not as obvious as with normal curly hair.   

Washing curly and wavy hair  

It is most important to use hair care products, which are formulated in the most natural way possible. Gentle shampoos for children are a great option because they do not dry out your naturally dry hair. Herbal shampoos with short formulas are also a great option if you want to bring out the curl. Be careful, however. However, too much care can be drying - remember to alternate herbal shampoos with other cosmetics.   

Moisturizing Curly Hair  

After drying your hair, remember to moisturize it as well. A light conditioner is an excellent choice as it will not weigh you down but rather provide subtle moisture. It is important to use products with as natural ingredients as possible. Use a comb to comb through your hair after applying the conditioner. This will ensure that the conditioner is absorbed much better and the nutrients it contains will take effect much faster.  The best choice will be cream or gel moisture. 

Combing Wavy and Curly Hair  

It is not only the conditioning or the ingredients used, but more importantly how they are applied and how you treat your hair. Remember that curly and wavy hair should only be combed wet after shampooing. Otherwise, you may end up with fluff on your head and an undesired final effect - straightening out your waves.  After brushing your curly hair, start kneading it with your hands to bring out its curl.   

Wavy Hair Types 

2A - This is the softest of all the waves in the hair and is shaped like an S. This hair type is usually not very voluminous. The hair strands tend to cling to the scalp. Type 2a hair tends to frizz quickly and dry out. 

2B - More pronounced waves with a somewhat tighter S-shape. This hair type has more volume than hair type 2a but still has little bounce. Type 2b also frizzes and dries easily but is somewhat thicker than 2a. 

2C: The most pronounced waves resemble a tightly pinched S-shape. The hair starts to curl even above the ear. 2c waves are thick and strong strands. 

Types of curly hair 

3A - The hair strands are slightly twisted and form a tightly rounded "S" shape. The curls are quite large and resemble hair wrapped in papillote. Type 3a is easy to style but reacts quickly to climate changes. 

3B - are curls with more volume and thickness. Individual twists have a finer section and resemble springs. Type 3b is unfortunately a dry type of curl that requires proper care. 

3 - is curly hair with fine meshes. This type curls right from the roots, the hair is thick and strong yet soft to the touch. 


As it turns out, curl definition is not exclusive to women with tightly coiled hair. Introducing the right products and a basic knowledge of hair care into your daily routine is the easy way to get curls without a curling iron. It may turn out that hair that has been straightened everyday for years is actually beautiful curls, which only require patience and a few suitable products. 

There is probably one question on your mind - how do you get the curl out of straight hair? Natural curls without a curling iron is an effect you can only achieve if your hair has at least a slight tendency to curl. Unfortunately, heat is needed to create curls on straight hair. 


Messy hair is the bane of many women. Looking at beautiful curls makes you feel irritated? No more! The main cause of bad looking hair is improper care. Some hair types can curl naturally. However, remember that one of the reasons for bad looking hair is improper care. If you regularly reach for a straightener that slightly helps you control your curls - your hair will not start to curl, and by doing so, bringing out the twist can be difficult. Also keep in mind that regular straightening can damage your hair, especially if you don't protect it from styling with protective products. Hair treated this way will be dry, dull and brittle, and crucially, prone to damage.