How To Choose The Best Hair Color For Me?

A woman can change. That is why from time to time she likes to undergo metamorphoses, surprise with a new look, slim figure, stylish closet. According to a survey conducted by one of the most influential magazines for women, the fastest and the most effective makeover is when we change our hair color. In the age of easy access to hair dyes, shampoos and colouring pastes, it is not a big problem to change your look. The problem starts when we are not sure how to choose the right hair color for our beauty type. Many women look for the answer to this question themselves and search for the perfect hair colour.  

How do I match my hair color to my complexion?

Wondering what hair color suits you? To find the perfect hair color for you, consider your skin tone, eye color, and type of beauty. There are two hair colors, one for women with alabaster skin and one for women with darker skin. How do I find the right hair color for my skin tone? Check it out in this article!

How do I choose my hair color? Tried and tested tips

What hair color suits me? Many women ask themselves this question. The natural hair color tends to look dull and many women wonder what color to dye their hair in to look good. Unfortunately, not every color suits every skin type or eye color. A woman with alabaster skin may not look good in raven black, and a lady with dark complexion in platinum blonde. In this article, we detail how to match hair color to your complexion to look truly beautiful. To choose your hair color properly, you first need to consider the following features of your appearance:

  • skin tone,
  • your beauty type (spring, summer, fall, winter),
  • eye color.

How do I match my hair color to my skin tone?

If you want to match your hair color perfectly to your complexion, you must determine what shade of skin your complexion is. First of all, we distinguish between warm and cool skin tones. If your veins (e.g. on your arms and neckline) are greenish in colour, you probably have a warm complexion. If they are bluish, you have a cool complexion.

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  • There are two skin tones: light and dark. In simple terms, we distinguish between the following skin colors:

    • alabaster complexion - it has a very light, usually cool shade; light and dark blondes are most suitable for it, it also looks interesting in combination with reds or even brown and black (you will look like Snow White),
    • pink complexion - blondes and light browns are most compatible with light complexion with a pink tinge, very warm colors should be avoided
    • peach complexion - peach skin is quite light in color with a warm tone, looks beautiful in combination with warm blondes and browns
    • olive skin - quite dark, warm skin suits all browns and blacks, as well as dark blondes

    Dark-skinned women should avoid light blonde or red hair.

    What Colour is Best for Capillary Complexion? Avoid bright reds and redheads, which will draw even more attention to your broken capillaries. Instead, opt for blonde or shades of brown.

    Hair Color Matters

    Hair stylists and onlookers alike appreciate hair that has a healthy appearance, shine, and elasticity. However, these are not the only values you should pay attention to. Hair color is just as much a part of the overall style as hair condition. The right hair color can be a charming addition to the person who wears it.

    Highlight your personality

    The hair pigment should fit the individual, but this is not always the case. This is especially true for natural hair colors, which are often not very expressive. It is therefore very important to find a hair color, which suits your skin type. It can enhance facial features, improve a woman's attractiveness and enhance her self-esteem. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the hair color suitable for a certain type of beauty. Below you can find tips and tricks to help you recognise your type.

    How do I recognise my beauty type?

    Visiting a professional is the easiest solution in the process of determining your beauty type. A professional is able to select a color palette that suits your complexion. With this, he will determine the mode of beauty flawlessly. However, there are other ways to determine this feature of appearance.