How to remove hair extensions?

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    We know salons have been closed and people have been having to resort to extreme measures including removing their own this can have disastrous results. So how do you remove extensions? It all depends on the method, Nano tip and I-tip are in theory simple where tapes and keratin extensions should only be attempted by professionals.

    Why shouldn’t you remove it at home? To remove beads is simple just use the correct pliers to gently squeeze the ring open to slide the extensions out. However, if you are not careful can end up cutting the natural hair at the root!

    Keratin Hair Extensions - How To Remove Them?

     How to remove keratin hair extensions? Should always be removed by professionals, as keratin is an extremely strong glue that has been fused to the natural hair. The perfect method if you want strong bonds but with the strength to have to expect them to be hard to remove. To safely remove Viola keratin extensions use Viola solvent bond remover directly on the bonds to break down the glue, with the use of specialist pliers and gentle persuasion the hair can be safely removed. As you can imagine if it is performed by an untrained professional could end in disaster.

    To save yourself from melting or hair loss it is recommended that removal is carried out by a qualified professional.

    Why shouldn't you take the extensions off yourself?

    Trying to remove the extensions yourself can cause serious damage to your hair let alone the damage on the extensions. Even if you invest in specialised equipment, you can still end disaster. As hair extension experts, one of the worst things you can do when trying to remove the extensions yourself is to forcefully pull the strands out especially when extensions have been left for too long.

    I can't have my nano extensions removed at the hairdresser's. What should I do?

    If for any reason you do not want or cannot remove your extensions at a hairdresser's or by a hair extensions technician, you should:

    •     Buy correct remover pliers to the method
    •     Section the hair so the bottom row can clearly be seen
    •     With the pliers gently squeeze the bead so that the extensions can slide out.
    •     Using a comb carefully remove any loss hairs, it may look like a lot but this is absolutely normal.
    •     Work your way up to remove all the hair extensions.

    When should keratin extensions be removed?

    The first time you should remove all keratin extensions such as flat tip and U-tips is when the keratin welds start to become visible. This depends on the growth rate of the hair usually, 8 to 10 weeks after fitting. Even if the strands themselves are still shiny and beautiful, if left for too long can cause matting. If you attend regular maintenance booking not only will it save the natural hair but also the extensions will last even longer.

     During maintenance, the Extensionist is not only looking at the bonds but also the general health of the extensions. It is important to remember unlike the hair attached the extensions are receiving no natural oils and nutrients from the scalp, this is why products like Viola boost is essential for keeping extensions looking lush and vibrant.

    When to have tape-in extensions removed?

    The increasingly popular tape-in method of extensions is quick and easy to apply but require more regular maintenance than other methods. This is due to wide tape strips if left for too long start to flip and become visible. The beauty of tape-in hair extensions is can be reapplied time and time again.

     Is it possible to remove tape-in extensions by myself?

    In theory, it is possible to remove extensions in your own home however it is not recommended as it is can be messy and cause tangling. If you need to be sure you are using the correct products, i.e. Viola tape bond remover this has been tested to safely remove without affecting the integrity of the extensions. Bear in mind it is sticky and time-consuming removing tapes can take longer than applying.

    Each type of hair extension requires a different type of removal, if you are going to attempt to remove your own extensions it is important to talk to your Extensionist first as they should be able to guide you through. Whether it’s Tape in hair extensions or weave hair extensions? Remember - the most important thing is to get help from a professional. If you have had professional hair extensions be sure that they are fitted by a qualified technician.

    How to remove Tape-in extensions?

    Ensure you have the right product, for Viola tape-in extensions we recommend the use of our Viola tape bond remover, other key tools you will need is a pintail comb, and section clips.

    Begin by sectioning the hair so can see the bottom tape-in, then spray each tape top and bottom. Leave for a few seconds and start to slowly peel the weft apart keep adding spray to dissolve the glue. Gently pull wefts apart and put aside there may be glue residue on the natural hair spray more tape bond remover and slowly comb through the hair. After all, extensions are removed wash with a clarifying shampoo to remove all the excess oils.

    How do I remove the glue from tape-in hair extensions?

    Once all the tape sandwiches have been properly removed there may still be glue attached, with Viola Tape bond remover spray and clean away. Before applying fresh tape strips, wash extensions with clarifying shampoo and add conditioner to the ends only, as this can cause the tapes to peel.

    Can you reattach the tape-in extensions?

    Once the natural hair and extensions have been cleaned and fresh tapes added, can of course reapply especially if you have Viola Tape-in extensions due to the high quality of the hair and the wefts. Refitting should only be done by a qualified professional, it is incredibly fiddly and each tape needs to be expertly placed to ensure the hair not only looks amazing but also stays that way without damaging the natural hair and the extensions.