Spring hairstyles - the biggest trends 2021


Spring is fast approaching. Are you thinking about changing your hair? Do you want to keep up with the latest trends? We have gathered a list of the hottest and most influential trends of 2021. See the hairstyles for spring-summer 2021 in our gallery and get inspired! We like to tell you what tricks you can use to create the perfect hairstyle in just a few minutes.

What will be trending this spring? Keep these hair trends in mind:

In spring 2021, there are of course extremes in fashion – with either natural and mid-length hair, sharp cuts and distinctive colouring. Of course, bobs will also continue to be in fashion.

  •     The pixie cut is a short hairstyle based on a razor-sharp cut and layered shading. The back and sides of the head are cut short while the front is left slightly longer to resemble a pixie of course.
  •     Bob with middle parting - classic hairstyle, this spring will be particularly fashionable. The sides should have natural waves and usually in a  natural colour.
  •     Shaggy hair - strong layered hairstyles, reminiscent of the 70s, are back in style again. This was Meg Ryan's signature style in the 1990s.
  •     Braids and updos with embellishments - braids and interesting updos supported by large bobby pins or clips are also very much in vogue!
  •     Big scrunchies – yes, the big scrunchie is back and the thin scrunchies are becoming a thing of the past, stock up on these, especially if you have curly hair.

 Hair trends do not only concern cuts, but also colours. This year, natural shades like warm golden hues, soft browns and honey blondes are all the rage. Forget platinum in 2021, it is time to go natural, well at least mimic it.

Women's hairstyles for spring and summer 2021: A review of the hairdressing trends

The trends for the coming months are pointing to more natural, easy and comfortable, which lockdown would have certainly influenced. Quarantine has meant that everyone has been home and unable to get to hairdressers and why natural roots and choppy French fridges are so popular. This resulted in the popularity of home wear fashion and comfortable hairstyles. So, what are the hair trends we should keep in mind? Natural styles, which do not require little styling just combing of the hair with the fingers. Trends range from the classic 1920s-inspired bobs to longer styles with side-swept bangs or classic curtain fridge.

Among the short haircuts, the pixie cut reigns supreme, but also long lush hair is also in the top trends. If you fancy a radical change in appearance, we have good news for you!

 Shaggy mid-length and long hair look great on the catwalks in London, New York and Paris. If you want to try the iconic 70s shag, you should of course ensure your hair remains in good condition. As long as your hair is healthy and shiny it will look amazing.

 Those who love order in their lives and on their heads will love a flipped ponytail and precision braids, which you can match with the floral dresses like those from the spring/summer 2021 show by Rodarte.  

 Hair colours also are reflecting the more laid-back nature. Sandy blonde, warm reddish browns with highlights or the recently fashionable greige are the shades that will come to the fore. As well as chunky highlights and block colours for those who want something different. Bright colours are also making an appearance lemon or strawberry blonde are still in fashion in spring and summer 2021, along with strong blues and neon greens.

Fashionable hairstyles for short hair - bob, pixie for spring/summer 2021

The short hair classics are most certainly coming back. The bob comes in several variants and can be straight or slightly tousled, along with curtain bangs falling playfully over the eyes. For the evening simply wear with smoky eyes and a little black dress for a timeless look. The pixie cut is also in vogue in both natural shades as well as the bright and playful.

Are you unsure how to style your short hair the right way? The pixie is one of the shortest haircuts available. The pixie looks classy and well-groomed while the dishevelled version gives the hairstyle a decidedly youthful and rock chick feel. The bangs can be styled back and maintained with hairspray or powder. 

Spring/Summer 2021 will also see some big haircuts for men. The tomboy cut and the ultra-short hairstyle for men is not only comfortable but also stylish! A glance at the catwalks shows liberating short cuts.

Mid lengths haircut on trends for spring/summer 2021 - twists, waves and retro inspiration

Mid-length cuts are in spring/summer 2021 especial with relaxed. Soft or powerful curls are fashionable for everyday wear, day events or evening dates. Are you looking for a natural and undemanding look? The twists and turns don't have to be precise curls leaning towards just woke up like this. Soft waves with tousled bangs create the WOW effect in just a few steps. All you need is a little styling product and your fingers to create the 70s shag style.

Popular hairstyles for long hair - spring and summer 2021

Want to be stylish without cutting your hair? Don’t worry long locks are definitely in and they are not going anywhere. Whether it’s straight and sleek with a classic middle parting, Glossy blow out or the iconic 70s shag with curtain fringe. The beauty of long hair is so many options for updos, whether it’s precise updos? Big chunky braid, French braids and scrunchies worn with long bangs. Pair with boho dresses for summer days but also the perfect look for elegant outfits at work.

If you dream of beautiful and long hair, you should consider tape in hair extensions or weave hair extensions. Have the lush locks you dreamt of in one sitting? With professional hair extensions it is possible!

If you are looking for a more catwalk approach to hairdressing, check out the photos from the Miu Miu or Giambattista Valli shows. Take inspiration from these fashion titans! You may be tempted by double asymmetric partings or extravagant hair accessories like the giant black bow.

Spring is a perfect time not only to change your hairstyle but also it's colour. Wondering what shade to try this spring and summer 2021? One thing is for sure, whether you like it bright blonde or dark, deep browns or even pastel pink, there is something for you in this coming season!

So which hair colours are popular for spring and summer 2021? There are certainly warm golden honey blondes, as well as cool ash blondes and rooted blondes. Reds of all kinds are in demand - from the striking copper to soft rosy blondes and moving into rich mahogany browns. Balayage is of course still extremely popular bringing life to flat colours but new is the chunky highlights of the 90s are creeping their way in. If the first rays of spring call for funky colour, try trendy strawberry blonde, fiery red or bright ... green! It is not only clothes and accessories that are vibrant this spring!