How to Take Care of Long Hair? Best Tips

Almost everyone dreams of having long, lush, beautiful hair, but to keep long hair from looking tired and dull it needs extra special care. Long hair has always been universally sort after and opens up a whole world of styling opportunities. Whether it’s up in a high ponytail, straight, or curled, you name it, but how to take care of it properly? Key to beautiful hair is hydration as dry hair will look dull and become brittle, especially if you have long hair.

How Do I Care for Long Hair? Trimming hair ends

Long hair treatment doesn't have to be difficult. This is true from root to tips especially the ends, over time the ends will split and often appear dry. For the hair to look and feel healthy a regular trim will make all the difference and stop the splits that causing even more damage.

As well you may want to reach for special products, which moisturise and effectively nourish these parts of your hair. The best solution is to use specialist hair oils or products designed to rehydrate, which you simply apply to the hair ends after washing. Products like Argan oil, protein spray or a leave-in conditioner, there's no shortage of these products to keep your ends looking healthy and vibrant.  If you have extensions you will know that some products can be harmful to extensions, some products can cause extensions to discolour, hence why is it so important to follow the aftercare.

The Hair Care Routine

For most of us, home hair care means regular washing and styling. Each hair strand needs nourishment and regular moisturising, products such as Malibu C Miracle Repair is beautifully hydrating and nourishing, can be used with every wash or as a mask every couple of weeks. Best to choose a shampoo that will benefit your hair needs, if you have extensions then it is best to use the recommended products.

Taking care of long hair does not end with the careful selection of cosmetics it is just as important to think about how you wash and brush your hair. Remember never when washing not to rub your hair too aggressively rather gently massage the scalp. If you’re not careful, scrubbing the head too hard can lead to tangles, knots as well as dryness and itchy scalp. To dry the hair why not try using an old soft cotton or jersey T-shirt rather than a towel as it will only remove the excess water whilst keeping your hair hydrated.

Before washing should always brush through your hair to remove any knots and tangles. If you have long hair it is important to support the root of your hair when brushing this will help to combat the pulling of the hair follicles. As hard as it seems try and avoid heat styling as much as possible, ensuring that when you do you apply a heat protecting barrier to avoid as much damage as possible.

How do you care for long hair? A Healthy Diet

Proper hair care is not the only thing can you can do to keep hair healthy, thick and strong. Home treatments should be supported by a well-balanced diet, which provides valuable vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth. Equally important is proper hydration, do not forget to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day this will not only help your hair but also your skin. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain key nutrients, which are good for our hair and our whole body.

What else will help us take care of long hair from the inside? Certainly protein, which can be found mainly in dairy products, fish, beans and white meat. It consists of amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of keratin which is in your hair and nails. It is also worth introducing kinds of fortified cereal such as bran and oatmeal to the daily diet, high zinc and copper content in these products will make the hair stop breaking and help with hair loss. It is also worth considering additional hair supplements.

A Good Brush

At least twice a day you should take the time to brush your hair, this not only increases circulation but also helps to cleanses your scalp. By stimulating the blood circulation, it will aid in ridding your hair of impurities, which can accumulate during the day.  Using the right brush is also extremely important for hair care, before buying, let's analyse what we should look out for. The best brushes are made with natural boar bristles, with nylon fibres. These are gentle of knots, tangles and extensions due to the boar bristles being a natural product reduces static and reduces pulling on the bonds.


We usually treat our hair with a whole arsenal of cosmetics like shampoo, conditioner, masks and over time there can become a build-up of product which over time can end up weighing down hair and causing it to look dull. An amazing product that removed product build up is Malibu C Un-Do-Goo shampoo, it will gently cleanse and clean the hair whilst removing product build up. Another wonder product is the Malibu C Hard Water Remedy sachet, which removes mineral build up with can cause hair to become dull and even discolour. Before dying hair, it is worth cleansing as it will help with the dye sticking to the hair and essentially the colour lasting for longer.

With our tips, healthy hair will become a reality!