Which Hair Extensions Are the Most Comfortable to Wear?

Long and thick hair is the dream of many. What can be done to make this dream a reality? Of course, there are those lucky few who blessed to be able to grown thick long hair but for many growing their hair is a struggle and even when it is longer it may still be thin and straggling. But there is a way to have mermaid locks. And the answer is professional hair extensions!

Human hair extensions are by far the best way to quickly have long thick hair. So which method to choose? Is it better to choose nano tip hair extensions or tape in hair extensions? Which method will work best for you? How to choose the right extension method for your hair type? We will unpick each method and hopefully help you to decide on the best method for you.

Which is the most comfortable method of hair extensions?

Hair extensions should look natural and above all, be discrete, however, hair extensions are not often known for their comfort especially when newly fitted, but why is this? It is best to first look at the different methods and work out which would be best for your hair type, there are nano tips, tape in, beaded weave, pre-bonded and of course clip-in.

All hair extensions require extensions to be attached to the natural hair, whether by bead, tape or glue, why extensions can be so uncomfortable is that they are always fitted close to the scalp.

Nano Ring & Beaded Weave

Nanos & beaded weave are fitted using beads which are squeeze to secure each strand, these methods are extremely popular as able to add length and volume. Why it can be uncomfortable is that it is time-consuming as well as involves a lot of pull on the natural hair, you may find it uncomfortable at first when sleeping as the head is tender but as the scalp settles and with a little growth the pain will stop, in time you will get used to the beads.

Tape In

How tape in hair extensions are fitted is by sandwiching the hair between two tape tabs. Each tape tab has a strong adhesive tape which when stuck together can stay in the hair for weeks. Like with all methods it involves the tapes being fitted close to the scalp and of course, at first, this can be uncomfortable but unlike beads, they lie flat so are a little more comfortable. 


Another option is the keratin pre-bonded method, choice of either flat tips or U-tips which require delicate heating and then moulding around the natural hair to neat small neat bonds. This like the other methods take time and puts pressure on the natural hair at first which can of course be painful. Refitting is then booked for 8 weeks time which involves dissolving the bonds and creating new ones.

The Clip-In method

The Clip-In hair extensions are a great way to dip your toes into the world of hair extensions, quickly adding length and volume to your hair in minutes. Simply start from the lower part of your head and clip each piece to your natural hair, when fitted correctly will last all day without fear of slipping. At night just remove for a comfortable night’s sleep, this method isn’t painful however over time of course the pressure can cause discomfort.

Every method of extensions has their pros and cons but like with most things over time you will get used to the beads, tapes and bonds.