How to take care of your hair in winter? 10 practical tips

Winter is a particularly difficult time for our hair not only will wearing hats will spoil your do, but also the contrast between the warm inside too the cold outside along with central heating drying out both our hair and skin.

How to take care of your hair in winter to make it maintain beautiful, smooth and healthy? Here are our winter care tips.

Hair in the cold - what is the danger?

Healthy hair is both shiny and strong, the key to this is a good moisturising barrier, especially in the winter. When the temperature outside chilly, windy and with the dry air from heaters does not make for a healthy hair environment. All this is due to the fact that in winter, hair is exposed to sudden, quite drastic changes in temperature: alternately cold and dry air from heaters is a very unfavourable duet.

The best winter care products should be moisturizing, using a deep conditioning boost more regular than usual will add back those much-needed nutrients that have been lost. This will not only improve the condition of hair but the extra moisture will act as a barrier protecting it from damage.

Of course, wearing a woolly hat will create static, tangling and even matting hair. To ensure extensions stay tangle-free wear the hair in a low ponytail or plait this will reduce the friction created and extensions becoming intertwined. If when wearing a hat, and if you feel like it is becoming hot and sweaty should just remove the hat brush the hair out and wait for it to cool down same as going to bed with wet hair extensions can become matted and unruly.

Winter hair care - how to have perfect hair?

To keep the hair light it should be kept clean, however washing extensions every day can be damaging as can remove any oil necessary to keep the hair healthy. Products like dry shampoo are not recommended as it dries out the hair, can cause discolouration and will cause beads to turn gold. An alternative is to wash the tops and sides of the natural hair rather than the whole head.

How to take care of your hair in winter - how to moisturize it?

In defence against dry air, hair should be properly moisturized brunettes can add Argan oil to the ends when wet this will add a barrier and stop hair from drying out during temperature changes. Argan oil is not recommended for blondes and light shades due to the golden colour as it can stain and accelerate colour change. Instead use Viola leave-in conditioning spray, not only is it deeply nourishing but also smells incredible just add while hair is damp simply spray all over no need to wash out.

Winter haircare routine

As we stated moisturizing is the main basis of winter care, Viola hair extensions shampoo is designed to wash without removing essential oils and adding a barrier to protect the hair. Non-hair extensions shampoos are too harsh and can end up striping colour and nutrient, this is why extensions shampoo is perfect for not only hair extensions but also for natural hair in the winter months.

A great moisturising mask is Viola hair extension boost, perfect when hair is feeling dry and brittle. add to the roots and ends leave for 5 to 15 minutes wash out with warm water, instantly feel and see the difference. Do this at least once a week to keep hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Always make sure that your hair is fully dry before leaving the house, the cold can cause additional damage. Try to avoid high temperatures as much as possible, turn down the heat of your hairdryer and styling tools, this will ensure minimal natural oils will be lost.

A regular trim will instantly tidy ends, and reduce hair tangling. The ends of the hair dry out, fades and split. If not trimmed regularly will puff up and often it is will end up destroying the internal hair structures of the hair.

A simple routine of washing hair with the right products, using deep conditioning boost once and week and reducing the heat will dramatically improve the look feel and health of both natural and extensions hair over the colder months.

At Viola Hair Extensions you will find not only the best hair care products for the winter but also accessories, tools and of beautiful professional hair extensions - Nano Hair Extensions, Tape In Hair Extensions and Hair Weave Extensions.