How to care for hair extensions? 10 care tips

Hair extensions are becoming more popular, now not only just for special events but also day to day life, no more bad hair days, thanks to extensions.

However, of course, great hair needs great care. If you have hair extensions, remember for them to last you need to be on top of your hair care game. These tips will not only help you care for your natural hair but also extend the life of your extensions.

It is important to remember that extensions are unlike natural hair, due to it no longer being connected to a source of nutrition why it is more vulnerable to damage. There are amazing treatments that do not shorten its lifespan, but on the contrary, extend it. Such product is the deeply rich hair extensions boost, will repletion and moisture extensions.

What kind of hair extensions to choose? You can choose from Nano Tip Hair Extensions, Tape-in Hair Extensions, Hair Weave Extensions and I-tip Hair Extensions

How to take care of extensions?

To guarantee extensions have the very best care greatly on the products applied, the use of the wrong or untested products can greatly affect the integrity of the hair and the bonds and can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the extensions.

After fitting, hair should not be washed for the first 48 hours this is to make sure all the beads, tapes and bonds have settled and set. Afterwards, it is best to wash the hair between two to three times a week at most over cleaning can cause the extensions to fade and even slip out. Should always be washed standing up (preferably in the shower), by gently massaging hair and head from top to bottom. When rinsing the shampoo, the head should be kept up right do not lean over as it can cause knotting. After rinsing out your hair thoroughly, apply hair extensions conditioner avoiding the roots. This is designed to intensely care for the strands, improve the structure whilst leaving the hair beautiful and shiny.


To dry start by squeezing out any excess water, pat your hair with either a soft towel or T-shirt will work great as it will not remove too much of the much-needed moisture. Never wrap hair extensions up in a towel as this can cause matting. Add heat protector before drying hair on low heat, being sure not to bring the hairdryer to close the hair the same rule applies when drying to washing do not flip the hair over.

Number one rule, NEVER go to bed with wet hair, as it can end up matting and even growing mould!

What kind of aftercare products to use?

It is important to remember that human hair extensions have been through a number of processes to reach the desired colour and feel because of this it is important to always use the recommended aftercare products. Extensions do not receive any essential nutrition other than what is added to the hair unlike the hair that is still connected. This is why there are specialised hair extensions products that coat and seal the extensions. If you want your hair extensions to be soft after every wash, must always stick to the recommended care products.

Viola Shampoo and conditioner will ensure that the hair not only lasts but stay looking and feeling like new. Over time extensions will need a little injection of nutrition, that’s where Viola deep conditioning boost become your best friend. Simply apply the mask to mid-lengths and ends of the hair, leave in for between 5 to 10 minutes for the boost work its magic, then wash the mask out with warm water and feel the difference.

Blondes need to take extra care not to discolour the extensions, products like Argan oil are amazing for those with dark hair but blondes should avoid due to the golden pigment. Products such as Viola leave-in conditioner and protein spray, help add needed nutrition whilst also aiding in styling. Spray onto the hair whilst damp no need to wash out will feel the hair feeling and smelling incredible.

All chemical treatments should be avoided when the extensions are still in as the resulting outcome can be unpredictable and can end up damaging both the hair as well as the bonds and fastenings.

Only hair extensions cosmetics should be used for Viola professional hair extensions, our products have been tested and proven to have outstanding results without having an effect of the bonds, beads, tapes and fittings.

How to brush your hair?

It may sound condescending but when brushing extensions, you need to take extra care. One is by using a brush that isn’t going to pull or add pressure to the bonds, the bristle brush is the perfect tool for this.

Start from the tips and gently brush all the way up the head, always holding and supporting the extensions at the root. Take your time and if it catches do not pull or force the brush through the hair. Before washing should always brush to remove any knots and tangles, do not brush your hair when it is wet rather wait until it is dry to avoid pulling out the extensions.

Styling of extensions

When styling hair extensions should treat the hair similar to your natural if you are using any heat always add a heat protector and of course be aware of the heated tools coming into contact with the bonds, as it can cause the keratin holding the hair in place to melt. The Beauty of hair extensions is how susceptibility to styling they are, the resulting styles will successfully endure throughout the day and through the night.

Do you dream of thick, long hair? If so, think about getting hair extensions. However, always remember to follow the aftercare guidelines to make sure you get the very best results from your extensions.