Tape In hair extensions before and after [photos, videos]

Hair lengthening and thickening by using hair extensions are increasingly popular treatments. There are many reasons why women choose them. However, attaching strands of hair can be associated with doing harm to the natural hair. However, it all depends on the type of method, as well as the skills of the person applying it. The safest solution, giving great, natural results, is the sandwich method, or tape in hair. In this article we will introduce a little bit about the tape-in hair extension method and show the results.  

Tape In Human Hair Extensions - Reasons why women decide to have hair extensions 

There are many advantages of tape-in human hair extensions. Well maintained hair, complexion, nails and hands are important elements for every woman to look and feel her best. Thick, shiny and resilient hair have by far the greatest influence on the overall appearance and, above all, on the mood. If the hair extensions delight with their natural look, no beautifying accessories will be necessary. There is an equally popular method, called Secret Tape-In Hair Extensions. Thanks to this method, women who have not been endowed with thick hair naturally can enjoy a beautiful hairstyle with discrete hair extensions. 

Unfortunately, many factors negatively influence the appearance of hair. Sometimes it is the effect of improper care or heat damage (for example poor quality styling tools), which fortunately can be reversed. In many cases, however, thin and weak hair is a result of illness or genetic predisposition. In some cases, even carefully selected and conscientiously performed care does not bring the desired results and the hair is still thin, sparce, without volume and growing slowly.

Do you belong to the group of women who are not awarded the luxury of naturally beautiful hair, although you persistently strive for lush hair? Instead of a thick luxurious locks you have a visibly thin and wispy hair? If this is the case then it’s time to consider tape-in hair extensions.

Here are the before and after pictures of hair extensions applied to thin hair.

Tape in extensions before and after 

When should you decide on a hair extensions and who can benefit from the treatment? 

Hair extensions are a quick and effective method for anyone with hair that is: 

- Thin 

- Thinned out

- Dried out

- Slow growing

- Dry ends that has cause the hair to split. 

Sometimes hair extensions are the only way to rescue those who have decided to have a radical cut, which they regret, as well as those who have lost some of their hair as a result of some incident (for example, they have been ripped out). Anyone can have long, thick hair, but the most suitable method must be chosen based on your natural hair and lifestyle. This most effective method guarantees: 

- Natural looking hair

- Aesthetically pleasing effect

- No visible residue from the treatment

- Protection of the natural roots from damage during the application and during the course of time they are installed

The quickest and most popular methods to make hair thick and long are:

- Clip in hair extensions 

- Tape in hair extensions 

However, clip in hair extensions are more for occasions as you would generally take them out after the event, putting them back in when for the next need them.

One safest methods of hair extensions that meets the above criteria is considered to be tape-in hair extensions.  Your natural hair, even if it is weak, will hold the tape in extensions! 

 Hair extensions: the tape-in method. What is it about? 

The tape-in method is a procedure that allows you to quickly gain length and volume of your hairstyle. Tape-in hair extensions are strands of hair on a few centimetres long, transparent and light tape, which are glued to the natural hair close to the root. The name of the treatment "sandwich method" best reflects the essence of the way it goes into your hair. Either side of the strands of natural hair, tape strips are inserted. Thanks to a thin, discrete tape, the connection points are invisible and the hair looks very natural. The attached tape-in hair can be freely styled, without fear of tearing out or visible connections. 

Natural hair does not suffer from tape-ins as the way it is attached to the natural hair means that the weight of the extensions are evenly dispersed. The attached tape-ins do not pull or cause tangling. Tape-in extensions are the real dark horse among the hair extensions and thickening treatments. They are applied very quickly - the treatment usually takes no longer than an hour. The final effect depends on the skill of the person applying the. Therefore, it is worth choosing a proven and reputable salon or specialist to whom you entrust your hair. 

Is the tape-in hair extensions for everyone? How to prepare for the treatment 

Things to look out for before application of the tape on extension procedure are similar to any other hair treatment. 

The most important is: 

- Damaged scalp

- Allergy or hypersensitivity to any component of the materials used in the treatment

- Sensitive reactions that have occurred with a similar procedure in the past

Apart from this, anyone can use the tape-in extension procedure. The only condition is the initial length of the hair: it must be at least 15 cm. No special preparation is necessary before the treatment. It is enough to thoroughly wash your head and hair with a dedicated cleansing shampoo. It is usually obtained in the salon where the treatment is to be performed. That is all! 

Hair care after tape-in hair extensions 

You can use the products that were used before the treatment to wash your hair. Styling accessories such as a straightener or curling iron also remain unchanged. You should get detailed care information from your hairdresser. It is worth remembering to do so: 

- use good quality cosmetics 

- after each wash, massage a conditioner or strong moisturising mask into the hair 

- use care oils that lock in the moisture.  

Tape In Extensions cost 

Hair extensions at a professional salons typically cost £450 plus, depending on the method and salon. Tape-in hair extensions are no exception to this, with sew-in, glued-in, fusion, and micro-bead extensions also ranging from £450 (you can expect these prices when the salons include the purchase of the hair).

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