The best method hair extensions for thinning hair

Nowadays, well-groomed and thick hair is a symbol of femininity, beauty and health. It gives women self-confidence and courage to act. Unfortunately, not all women are naturally gifted with such attributes. Many of them see the solution in using various methods to thicken and lengthen their hair. How do you quickly add volume to your hair? Which method is the best?

Hair Thickening 

Clip In hair thickening and lengthening is a modern procedure which can be done independently at home. The hair is attached in the form of sewn together strands of natural or synthetic hair with the use of pressure-sensitive clips. The method is not invasive to natural hair, and the effect is not permanent - it is recommended to take the hair off after each day of use and reattach it when required. It is one of the cheaper methods of thickening and lengthening the hair, avoiding glue which can cause tangling at the length of roots and broken and damaged hair. 

Safe and simple extensions for fine hair

Hair extensions consist of placing several wide strands of hair on the head using clips sewn into the hair extension and covering these strands with natural hair. This method is popular among stylists and hairdressers. It does not weigh down, allows for natural growth and thorough washing. The strands are reusable. They can be styled and coloured freely. You can choose hair of different weight, texture, colour and origin.

Tape in hair extensions are great for fine hair. Human hair extensions are also a good idea. 

The number of strands depends on the desired effect - three 50-100 gram bundles are enough for thickening. If you are adding length then you will need five to seven bundless with a total weight of 120-240 grams. 

Synthetic hair is the cheapest option but will look fake and not last. The price will increase with the length and thickness of the hair. Natural hair can be divided into Slavic, Indian, European and Asian. Slavic hair is the most expensive and best quality, with Asian hair being the cheapest. 

Hair thickening with micro rings (I-Tips/Stick Tips)

Thickening hair by means of micro rings - In this case the price of the materials also varies depending on the length and weight of the material used. This is a permanent method of hair extensions so it is not recommended to use synthetic hair. 

Micro Rings are small rings made of aluminium, copper or bronze, usually lined with silicone on the inside. The hair extensions are bonded into thin strands using heat-sealed sleeves, special adhesives or keratin. The sleeves are inserted into the ring, which is then threaded like a bead into the natural hair and clamped with the appropriate pliers as close to the roots as possible. The attachment does not require heat, so it does not harm the natural hair. Eventually there are about 60-200 rings on the head. For the first few days after attachment, micro rings may be felt and cause discomfort. 

Application of this method requires from an extensionist with a lot of skill and appropriate qualification, and many salons now are able to offer this method. The effect lasts for 6-8 weeks and then the rings should reapplied and moved upwards towards the scalp.  

Hair thickening using the sandwich method (Tape-Ins)

The sandwich method consists of evenly attaching thin artificial hair strips to natural hair, right next to the scalp using silicone bands. The bonds are imperceptible to the touch and almost invisible. The strips place little strain on the hair and this method is therefore recommended for women with weak, sparse and/or thin natural hair.

You should discuss how you wear your hair with your extensionist as they will need to take into account the placement of the hair extensions, especially if you intend to wear your hair up.

Keratin hair extensions (U-Tips/Nail Tips)

Keratin hair extensions used to be one of the most popular techniques. It uses artificial hair strands, similar to those used in the micro ring method, but in this case they are attached to the natural hair by means of keratin and a special heat clamp or a gun. 

Hair thickening with Nano Rings (Nano Tips)

Nano ring hair extensions give the best results, which is due to the use of nano-connections, which are extremely discrete and very durable. They are resistant to cosmetic products and temperature. The method is recommended for any hair type, including weak, thin and sparse hair. 

The procedure takes about 3 hours with anything from 100 hair strands attached and lasts from 6-8 weeks depending on the natural hair growth rate.   

Ultrasound hair thickening (Cold fusion bonding)

Ultrasonic hair thickening and lengthening does not damage hair, which is its main advantage. The joining of natural and artificial hair is performed cold with the help of small beads, which are difficult to notice. The effects of the treatment last up to 6-8 weeks before reapplication.

A hair extensions method for fine hair  and should be safe. The method should not damage the hair, so the condition of the hair will not deteriorate.

Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Those who are not interested in hair extension methods using artificial counterparts can use a number of home methods to accelerate hair growth and thicken hair. Among the most popular of these are:

  • Oils
  • Proper diet
  • Using silicone-free products
  • Scalp massage
  • Scalp rubs
  • Minimalism in hair care