Malibu C the Solution to Colour Conundrums & Fading Faux Pas

Viola is excited to announce that we have partnered up with Malibu C to help combat hair extension discolouration.  

Rapid fading and discolouration has always been touchy issue in the world of hair extensions, with the answer always being quite straightforward… it’s all due to chemical reactions and minerals, not the hair itself.

We know that when you spend a lot of money on hair extensions that this problem can be infuriating and can seem like your hair extension supplier is fobbing you off – this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we care about you and your hair so much that we have done extensive research to find help for when this happens.

Why it happens 

Minerals found in the water at home are continuously being exposed to our hair during showering/bathing. Hot or warm water will open the cuticle, allowing minerals to get inside, this is what starts the discolouration, it comes down to the oxidisation of minerals, with the main culprits being copper and iron; copper will cause the green tones, with iron creating brassy/orange/peachy discolouration – just think about the build-up that accumulates in your shower head!

Of course, there are other factors/products that come into play here – just check out our FAQs for the more comprehensive list.

Mineral Effects on Hair

CALCIUM – Build up causes hard barrier, dandruff, hair loss/breakage

COPPER – Discolours Hair, green tinge on blonde hair, dark hair becomes darker, loss of shine, hard barrier

IRON – Makes hair darker, loss of shine, prevents chemical processing, unwanted red/orange brassy tones, brittle damaged hair.

MAGNESIUM – Dry, damaged and weighted hair.

LEAD – Dryness, build-up, prevents chemical processing

SILICA – Dryness, dandruff, weighted hair and hair loss.

Using the incorrect products for hair extensions will leave your hair vulnerable to this, so if you have deviated from using our recommended aftercare then read on through, discover the products our research has led us to and the brand that specialises in correcting your colour conundrums… Introducing Malibu C!

Malibu C

Pioneers of wellness solutions in the industry since 1985, Malibu C products are vegan, plant based, eco-friendly and cruelty free, and having discovered this in our dedicated search we met with them to discuss the science behind their rescue remedies.

We found out that each of their products has been specially formulated to correct and revitalise your hair, ridding them of the build-up and minerals that have caused the problem, and these are the stand out products that we will now be offering and the very reasons why…

The Wellness Collection 

UN-DO-GOO SHAMPOO - Removes product and mineral build up

WEFTS & EXTENSIONS - Reduces breakage, shedding and gently removesmineral and other build-up, with deep conditioning.

MIRACLE REPAIR - Repairs damaged hair and rebuilds inner structure. Restores shine, body and bounce

SWIMMER'S - Removes minerals and toxins from pool, spa or sea water. Corrects green colouring from copper build-up

BLONDES – Corrects and protects against brassy, ashy tones and brightens.

HARD WATER- Draws out mineral build-up that turns hair brassy, dry and dull. Removing discolouration caused by iron or copper.

With the restorative powers of Malibu C, you can eliminate those malicious minerals and expose the marvel of your world class Viola hair extensions once again, getting back to our nourishing Viola Hair Extensions aftercare range… long may it last!