Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extension Aftercare

Aftercare and maintenance is key to keeping your extensions looking and feeling amazing. At Viola, we offer 190 days quality guarantee with all our professional hair extensions.

It has been proven that with the correct aftercare, the use of Viola care products and regular maintenance the hair will last well over 190 days, even over a year.

Viola has put together tips and advice on looking after your new beautiful hair extensions.

How to take care of hair extensions - A care guide 

    • Washing

        Viola Hair Extension Shampoo and Conditioner is recommended, it's been tried, tested and proven to keep our extensions healthy and strong. The use of the Viola care range coincides with 190 days quality guarantee.

        Hair must be detangled before washing with a bristle or detangling brush. Keep your head upright while wet, do not twist or rub instead massage the scalp gently with your fingertips.

        Do not apply any conditioner onto the roots and bonds. Gently squeeze and pat wet hair, be sure not to wrap your hair up in a towel, to avoid matting and tangling.

        • Brushing & Blow-drying

        When the hair is wet it is very important not to brush through rather gently run your fingers through the hair the ease any knots.

        Blow-dry until the hair is dry, using a bristle or detangling brush start from the ends and work way up towards the roots.  At all times supporting the hair by holding the extensions at the top. Be sure to add heat protection, Viola shake and protect or Viola heat serum.

        • Styling

        The hair extensions can be styled using straighteners, curler, hair driers etc, be aware that exposure to heat can impact on the lifespan of the hair extensions same as it would on your natural hair.

        Avoid heated tools coming into contact with the bonds as it can cause it to melt.

        Bleaching, dying etc extensions can shorten the lifespan and extensions will no longer be covered by the warranty.

        Viola Extensions Boost and Viola Argan Oil used regularly will help to replenish essential nutrients that may have been lost over time.

        • Sleeping

        It is so important that your hair is completely dry when sleeping, as moisture will cause the extensions to become matted. Brush and braid your hair into one plat before going to bed, brush through in the morning.

        • Holiday, Swimming, Sauna, Salt Water, Sunbathing

        Braid your hair into one plat, make sure the extensions do not come into contact with sun cream, chlorine or salt water as it can cause hair to discolour, feel dry and brittle. Exposure to UV and heat can also cause this to occur why it is important when in direct sunlight to cover hair extensions.

        Viola Extensions Boost will add vital minerals to the extensions. If extensions do change colour due to the above it is not covered by the guarantee. 

        For more information on colour change please visit the FAQ.

        • Maintenance

        Regular maintenance is extremely important to avoid matting and damaging natural hair and extensions.

        With careful attention and precise care, the extensions will remain in excellent condition. Less stress that is put on the extensions the better to keep looking the hair looking and feeling luxurious.

        • Blonde Hair

        Due to the chemical process, blonde extensions have been through to lightening means that that hair is more susceptible to change. Discolouring to pink/orange and a brassy colour. The main causes are sun cream, oils, seawater, chlorine, sweat, UV Rays and heat extra care must be taken.

        For more information please visit the FAQ.