Hair lotions - which ones to choose and how to use them?

Hair treatments can work wonders, whether they make your hair grow faster, stop it from falling out or help your hair grow new baby hairs. But how to use hair treatments to boost their effect? Today, I'll tell you briefly about what to do to maximize their activity and enjoy the great results of the treatment. 

How to use hair rubs, or how to rub in? 

The most problematic part of how to use hair rubs is, of course... rubbing them in. Often, especially with beginners, more product gets spilled around or stays on the lengths of the hair instead of the scalp. I personally recommend a few rub-in methods: 

Using a syringe - scoop the appropriate amount of product (in my case, one rub-in is 2.5 ml) into an empty syringe without a needle, which you then use to make partings between your hair while slowly releasing the product. In this way, the rub is all over the scalp and you only need to massage it with your fingertips. 

Using your fingertips alone - for this method, pour a portion of the product into a bowl and then soak your fingertips in it. With your other hand, make partings and rub the product in with your fingertips.  

Even people who have Professional Hair Extensions, Human Hair Extensions, I-tip Hair Extensions and U-tip Hair Extensions can successfully use various types of hair rubs. However, it is important to pay attention to the type of hair treatment you choose. 

Using a bottle with an atomizer - it's an easy method but unfortunately, it has a negative impact on product efficiency, that's why I recommend it only for cheaper rubs. Some rubs have an atomizer already at the beginning but most are sold in regular bottles. However, the need is the mother of invention - just pour the product into a bottle with an atomizer after the used product and spray it place by place, and finally massage with your pads. 

When to use rubs - before washing, after washing, daily or less often? 

The rule of thumb is simple - it's best to use hair treatments daily and in such a way that they stay in contact with the scalp as long as possible. So if an oil-free treatment doesn't weigh your hair down, daily use in the evening is best. However, if it makes your hair look less healthy and fresh after using it, you should apply it at least an hour before shampooing. Don't worry if you don't wash your hair every day. A good leave-in treatment applied every other day or even less frequently can also work. This was the case for me when using fenugreek. 

The benefits of a hair rub 

Such products are still not as popular as standard conditioners or hair masks, and using them brings a number of benefits. This special liquid hair treatment, rich in various nutrients, effectively nourishes hair roots, regulates the sebaceous glands, inhibits hair loss, strengthens hair and stimulates faster growth. The key element of the best hair rubs is the mixture of herbs, plant extracts and active substances which penetrate deep into the scalp through a delicate massage that stimulates blood supply to the scalp so that the hair grows healthier and more resistant to damage. 

Thanks to regular use of the wipe you can observe: 

  • faster growth of new, healthier hair 
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands 
  • reduction of hair greasiness at the roots 
  • accelerated healing of minor injuries 
  • the rebound of hair from the roots 

Heating the scalp 

To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, you can also warm the scalp or the product itself, if its ingredients allow it. It's best not to overheat the scalp, but spending time with the product on your head in the bathroom during a hot bath or even wearing a thin cap or foil hat is a very good idea! 

Which face pack to choose? 

Just as you would with a facial care product, look to your skin's needs when choosing an emollient. This time, it's the needs of your scalp. If your main concern is to strengthen hair follicles and promote the appearance of baby hair, you should opt for a lotion that accelerates hair growth. Most of them contain yeast, ginger, and paprika. Dandruff-fighting hairpowders are rich in lemon balm and green tea. If your problem is a dry and itchy scalp choose a moisturising hair product with aloe vera or panthenol. Hair treatments with mint or nettle are a real help for greasy hair. Burdock seed baths are also a great help for excessive hair loss. If your scalp is particularly sensitive, you should avoid using cosmetics with alcohol. This will prevent additional irritation. 

How do I use a hair mask? 

Using hair rubs is easy and does not take much time. The most important factor in the treatment is, above all, the regularity of application. The more often you apply the cosmetic, the faster you will notice the effects. The length of time for which you should use hair waxes depends mainly on your personal needs. It is assumed, however, that it is usually 3-4 weeks. However, remember to use the cosmetics according to the manufacturer's directions. In the case of New Cosmetics hair serum, after 3 weeks of use, you should take a break for a few days and then you can return to the treatment. 

How do I apply hair treatments? 

How to apply a hair rub depends on the form of the cosmetic. Some of them are equipped with convenient pipettes or atomisers. With such a solution, the application of the product is simple and less time-consuming. If the bottle is not equipped with any of these solutions, the rub can be applied simply with your fingers or using a syringe. It is a very good idea to apply the product with a syringe because it lands immediately on your scalp and you do not waste any more product. No matter how you apply the product, the routine remains the same. Start by creating a parting and apply the treatment to it. Start by making a 1-1/2 inch parting and apply the product again. Repeat the process until the entire head is covered. Finally, massage gently with your fingertips. Use circular motions.