How To Protect Your Hair Colour in the Summer?

In the summer, we focus mainly on protecting our skin from UV radiation and often forget about our hair. This is a mistake because hair in summer requires special protection. The sun, wind and water weaken, dry out and cause hair loss. How to care for your hair in the summer? What can provide effective protection? How to make sure that dyed hair does not turn discoloured and the color does not wash out? We answer these and other questions in this article. 

Sun protection should also be used when it comes to human hair extensions. Also keep in mind hair extensions aftercare

Hair under special protection 

The most dangerous factor to protect your hair from is of course the sun. The sun makes hair fade, brittle, fragile, weak and very dry. UV rays crack the hair cuticles and destroy the hair's main building block, which is protein. Chlorinated swimming pool water and seawater also have a negative effect on hair. The hair, which is not protected against their effects, becomes rough, unpleasant to the touch and difficult to comb. It loses its natural shine and softness. That is why we should take special care of our hair in summer. 

If you don't want your hair to look like a haystack after summer, take care of it now. By following a few simple rules and giving your hair a gentle but effective treatment, you will avoid the need for intensive regeneration after summer. What can you do?

Wear Hats 

A stylish hat or a cotton bandana should always accompany you when you plan to spend some time in the sun. You may not remember them when you go out shopping, but when you go to the beach, on a picnic or for a long walk, make them a must-have. 

Use products with UV filters 

The best products are sprays and conditioners, which you can spray on your hair during the day, even on the beach. 

Use natural oils to protect the ends 

After every shampoo and before leaving the house, a few drops of hair oil should be massaged into the hair ends. At the beach or by the pool you can apply oil all over your hair and then braid or bun it. The most effective UV-protective oils are raspberry seed oil, wheat germ oil and carrot seed oil. They have the highest SPF of all vegetable oils. 

Nourish and moisturize intensely 

When you go on vacation, pack an intensive moisturizing hair mask or oil in your suitcase. Use it at least 1-2 times a week. Be sure to condition your hair after every shampoo. You may also include cosmetics with light silicones in your hair care routine. 

Wash your hair frequently but gently 

The scalp may get oily faster in summer and may need to be washed more often. You should wash your hair after coming back from the beach anyway. In order not to irritate the already stressed skin, you should use mild, SLS-free shampoos or condition your hair. 

You can read more about conditioning hair here -> Conditioning Hair. Proven methods, advantages and disadvantages. 

Avoid using a hair dryer 

Hair dries faster in the summer anyway, and the hot air from your hair dryer will only dry out your hair further and make it weaker. Use a flat iron or curling iron instead. Instead, make loose braids, ponytails or buns. 

Protect your hair from drying out in the sun 

If you spend a day at the beach, it is best not to let your hair dry out. The water evaporating from your hair in the sun will dry it out. Keep a moisturizing mist or plant hydrolate on hand and spray it through your hair to keep it damp. 

Intensive Treatment 

All hair care products in your bathroom should contain color-protecting ingredients. In addition to shampoo, conditioner and shine spray, it is also a good idea to use a more intensive hair care mask. Use it twice a week for about 10 to 15 minutes to let the nutrients sink in. Once in a while, apply a thicker layer of the mask and wrap your hair in a towel or foil or hide it in a shower cap and leave it on for a few hours. After such treatment your hair will have more shine and the color will be more brilliant. 

Protect yourself from the sun 

SPF sunscreens aren't just good for your skin in the summer. Our hair needs it too. First of all, the sun's rays dry out your hair and make it brittle and split. Ultraviolet light can also penetrate the hair and cause color changes. Blonde strands, for example, develop a greenish tinge. Use sunscreen products just like body products, several times a day. After sunbathing, apply a special product, such as an after-sun shampoo, to your hair as well. 

The sun's rays act like bleach on hair. They react with the melanin in the hair strands and remove the color, damaging the cuticle and the hair protein. The result is dry, dull hair that feels unpleasant to the touch. Its overall condition is also weakened, which may lead to excessive hair loss. The symptoms of excessive sun exposure also include broken or split ends, frizzy hair, and thinning hair. Sun-damaged hair does not want to be styled, does not respond to styling or does not hold curls or waves. 

The first step in caring for your hair in the summer is to provide adequate UV protection. Unfortunately, no sunblock cream can be applied to the hair. However, you can spray hair with mists and sprays, which contain UV filters. These mists and sprays mainly protect against dryness.