How to store clip in hair extensions?

Do you dream of beautiful, thick and long hair but on the one hand you are afraid of invasive methods and on the other hand you are afraid that Clip In wigs and tweezers will not serve you for a long time? Remember that the durability and beautiful look of both of them depends not only on proper care (using specialist preparations and cosmetics, systematic procedures, such as cleaning and combing) but also on proper hair storage.

Clip-in method - why is it best?

Hair extensions (e.g. by Clip in method) have become an extremely popular procedure. No wonder, as in a short time it is possible to change your look, thicken hair or cover up some hairdressing failures. More and more methods are no longer dangerous for the hair, as it was the case years ago. Today we're going to talk about the benefits of the Clip On method. But before we get into that, we'll explain what this method is all about.

Viola Hair Extensions is a place where you will find not only hair beads, micro rings hair extensions and balayage hair extensions. Our years of experience and knowledge also allow us to support those who are just beginning their adventure with hair extensions. It is for them that we have prepared hair extension course.

But what is best - a hair hanger, a hair bag, covers for artificial hair or a bag with a hair hanger? Or maybe hairdresser's heads? It all depends on how often you wear wigs, hairpieces, and toupees, how much you put them away, and what you use them for. If you are a professional hairdresser or you are just training for this profession, barber heads will be the best. You can use them to hold your wigs and toupees and use them for all sorts of cuts and updos. On the other hand, a head with a frame will be perfect for styling wigs and Clip In hair before you put them on - thanks to the pins, you can firmly fix any system and style it calmly.

A hair hanger will be perfect when you need to put away your wig or hairpiece for a while. A hair bag or artificial hair covers are indispensable for longer periods of time, such as a break from wearing toupees or just a night out. If you want to make sure that your wig is always at hand and doesn't get lost in a case in your drawer, choose bags with a hanger - whenever you open your closet, you'll notice your hair extensions, ready to put on.

How to choose the best hair extensions?

Depending on your needs, expectations and wallet, you can choose natural or synthetic hair extensions. If you want a natural effect, choose those made of European or Slavic hair. Although synthetic hair extensions are less expensive, their characteristic "plastic" gloss will not appeal to enthusiasts of unpretentious style.

What are the benefits of proper hair storage?

Hair is not only beautiful to look at, it also lasts a long time. With the right containers, bags and pouches, your hair will not be exposed to collecting dust and other impurities in the air.

So the benefits here are obvious: Not only will you be able to find your wig or hairpiece in no time, but it will also not get tangled, moldy or dusty. In the brand's range you will find such artificial hair covers, in which you can hide your ponytails, bangs, hair extensions and multi-piece Clip In sets.

Wigs, hairpieces and hairpieces made of natural hair also need to be properly stored when they are not on your head. Here, too, you have the choice between bags with or without hangers, hangers, covers, cases and the aforementioned hairdressing heads - both for modeling and for training.

Always choose the right type and size according to the thickness and number of strands, as well as the size of the entire wig or hairpiece. If you have a lot of Clip In strands at your disposal, opt for a wide case, where the hair will not overlap. Also, if you have a large wig, the larger the case the better - neither synthetic nor artificial hair likes being cramped. Although you will protect it from dirt, a case that is too small will not prevent unsightly tangles from forming.

Clip In Hair Care - The Basics

The beautiful appearance of clip in hair depends not only on its quality but also on proper care. You should wash your clip in hair every two to three days:

  • wash them every 2 - 3 days. Use only lukewarm water, mild moisturizing shampoos and light conditioners;
  • Do not overdo it with heat. Although you can blow dry, straighten and curl your clip-in hair, temperatures above 140-160 degrees Celsius may harm them;
  • Remove your clip-ins before going to sleep, comb them well and place them in a box or on a special hanger. If for any reason you cannot take your hair extensions out overnight, simply tie your hair into a loose braid;

To remove the hairpieces, gently undo the clips. Avoid tugging. Pulling out the clips can damage not only the hairpieces but also your own hair.

Non-invasive, safe for natural hair method

With Clip in extensions your natural, real hair does not come into contact with chemicals and high temperatures. This makes it a very safe method for your hair. It is also very easy to maintain hygiene as the hair does not get tangled up like it does with glue-on extensions and there is no glue to absorb dirt. Thanks to the easy removal and attachment of the hair, it is easier to wash the scalp thoroughly without worrying about damaging the strands.