How to Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging it?

Every woman dreams of beautiful, long and shiny hair. In the daily battle against frizzy hair, it may be easier to simply straighten your hair with a flat iron. Although straightening is a quick fix, you also need to remember that excessive use of heat will cause damage. Read on and you will learn some simple ways to straighten your hair while reducing the damage. Our content can help you to learn how to eliminate damage and learn good hair care practices. Natural hair is much healthier than those that are dyed. Read our article and find out how to straighten your hair without destroying it. Here is our advice.

Women with curls  dream of straight hair. Those who have straight hair want to have curly hair. Straightening iron this is not the only way to straighten your hair. There are many videos where women show ways to straighten or curly hair without using heat. Many brands also offers cosmetics that slightly change the hair textures. Heatless curls are also possible. You can easily create them in a few moments without damaging your hair. However, if you don't like this type of experimentation, it's worth checking the heat settings of the devices you use to style your hair. Maybe it is possible to set a lower temperature? Temperature setting  is easy to change and adjust. Hair straightener does not have to be used at the highest possible temperature. Blow dryer also does not have to be set to the highest temperature. Hair stylists recommend to dry your hair in cool air dry. Properly groomed hair will look stunning!

Achieving perfectly smooth hair can be problematic, especially when it is frizzy and curly by nature. Hair curlers know what a challenge it is to care for their hair, let alone styling it. In fact, there is very limited scope for this because undisciplined hair cannot be so easily smoothed out and styled. To make matters worse, any attempt to style or updo ends up with weakening and breaking the hair. Natural hair

Heat damage is a common problem in women's hair. Blow dryer and flat iron used too often and unskillfully can cause enormous damage to hair. Hair stylists recommend that you use as little as possible and if it should already have ceramic plates. Air dry can also permanently destroy hair. Heat damage can destroy your hair. Everything you can do is the right hair care. Hair stylists agree - the most important thing is proper care - paddle brush can help you to keep your hair in good condition.

How to straighten hair without a flat iron? Perfectly straight hair is a dream of many women - it looks elegant and glamorous, but also neat - as opposed to stubborn waves and curls, which often curl in an unpredictable way and get out of control at the least appropriate moment. Most women also don't want to weaken their hair unnecessarily with a flat iron. Is it possible to get straight hair like a shampoo commercial at home? And without a flat iron, which destroys hair structure? Of course! Find out how to straighten your hair without a flat iron and find out how to get straight hair at home! heat styling is not only way to have perfect hairstyles!

Limit the use of a flat iron and take care of your hair!

If you want to take care of your hair, remember about thermal protection. Thermal protectant is the most important aspect of hair care. Another important issue is hair types.  Knowing your hair type can help us choose the right cosmetics, including those for thermal protection. Blow drying, straightening, curls and other temperature treatments can cause visible damage to the hair structure, which is very difficult to rebuild. Damage is very difficult to eliminate later, and with time it becomes more visible. It is therefore worth remembering to apply a heat protectant spray before every high temperature use on your hair. Hair straighteners are a real hair slayer, especially if we have a poor quality device. The iron should be a necessity. Once in a while it is also worthwhile to decide on salon treatments. It is a kind of hair spa that can help you to deal with the damage. Take care of the hair texture and apply a deep moisturizing conditioner. 

How to style your hair with heat: a few tips 

First of all, when you start straightening, your hair should be completely dry as if left still damp can cause hair to sizzle. Dry your hair at a low-temperature keeping holding the hairdryer at a distance. Drying will take a little longer, but your hair will repay you for it. Don't let your hair get damaged.

A healthy solution for your hair will be to change your style every day, try experimenting. Avoid straightening your hair for days in a row and let it rest from the heat. The temperature of a straightener is also very important, always keep straighteners below 200 degrees.

How to straighten hair without damage

Make sure you have a deeply nourishing treatment, hydrated hair is healthy hair, heat dries out hair causing split ends. Products such as Viola boost are amazing for keeping hair healthy. 

Trimming dead ends will instantly make your hair look healthier and encourage natural growth. Leaving split ends will only increase the damage caused and in turn, the hair will look dull and lifeless. 

Before using any heat, it is key to add a special product such as thermal protection that will protect hair from high temperatures. After applying the preparation, allow the hair to absorb the active ingredients. Then, dry them well at low heat using a ceramic brush to distribute the heat evenly. 

Blow drying - use only cold air

There are many hair types in the world. Some of them even need to be dried, because only then do they work well. It is worth remembering that if you already need to use a hair dryer and then a flat iron, you should protect your hair with a heat protectant spray. There are many videos available on youtube where famous bloggers show how to get not only straight hair but also impressive waves or curls without using heat. This is quite an interesting alternative, especially for those of us who have damaged hair. Style your hair easily without using a flat iron.

 Straighten your hair with your head!

Always ensure hair is tangle-free using a bristle brush, if not you may burn the knots into place. Separate your hair with and hold with clips starting from the bottom and working your way up. It is important with all hair extensions that you avoid touching the bond and fittings as it can melt the tops and cause shedding and breakage. 

 The flat iron always destroys hair. Therefore, if you straighten your hair often, it is important to regularly care for and moisturize your hair in the right way - shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, coconut oil and many other products can help you keep your hair in good condition. It is important that the hair care products are selected according to your hair types and structure. Only then can they be really effective. Damage can be prevented by using suitable moisturizing products every day.

Another important point for if you dye your hair often, it is worth taking even closer care of it if you do not want to damage it further. Chemically treated, hair is even more susceptible to any damage. 

 It is worth betting on flat irons, which were created on the basis of the highest technology.

Also, make sure that the straighteners are of high quality with temperature control, Viola infrared straightens are perfect for both curling and straightening with easy to use temperature control and damage reducing infrared technology. 

Remember hydration is key, so drink lots of water every day you will notice a difference with both your hair and skin.

Take care of your hair

We have no illusions that a straightener is the best way to smooth and tame your hair. Unfortunately, regularly or incorrectly it will cause damage to your hair as it dries out the hair cuticles. A common mistake is straightening wet hair that will fry and dry out even more as the hair has not had a chance to absorb the moisture. If you see steam escaping during straightening, turn off the device immediately unless of course, you are using steaming straighteners! Before you use a straightener, spray a strand of hair with a product that protects it from the heat. 

Some people choose to have their hair chemically straightened this, of course, needs to be performed in a salon by a trained professional, and may not be a treatment that is suitable for everyone. 

Below is a list of nutrients necessary to make your hair strong, healthy and shiny, as well as foods which you will find them in. 

  • Iron: spinach, tofu, beans, lentils, red meats etc
  • Omega-3 acids: sardines, tuna, walnuts, chia seeds etc
  • Zinc: fish, meat, seeds, nuts, lentils etc 
  • Selenium: meats, brazil nuts, fist, etc  
  • Vitamin A: liver, fortified cereals, almonds etc
  • Vitamin B: dairy products, fruits, fish, red meat, eggs, etc. 
  • Vitamin C: Broccoli, kiwi, red peppers, oranges, spinach. 
  • Folic acid: asparagus, chickpea, lentils, avocado, bananas. 


If your hair is very dry, dull and brittle, you can use dietary supplements, full of many important nutrients after consulting your doctor. Which when taken over time the result will be beautiful, healthy and strong hair. Also, remember to protect your hair before each use of the straightener with Thermal Protection Serum Viola Hair Extensions.

Do you want to have beautiful and long hair? Bet on professional hair extensions. Human hair extensions are ideal to achieve your dream hair.