The Biggest Hair Trends of 2021

Winter 2020/2021 hair trends among them, there are hairstyles with fringe for short, medium and long hair as well as the timeless bob. There are also come back to favour after a few decades. See our review of the trendiest hairstyles in 2021.

First of all, naturalness - it is the source of the latest hairdressing trends. Hair for fall 2020 and the upcoming winter does not have to be fancifully styled. Sloppy hairstyles or hairstyles in the most natural form will be fashionable, e.g. controlled mess with curved waves.  

Hair trend of next year is naturalness. If you have curly hair, leave it in natural form. If you are looking for inspiration for hairstyles - check out social media. Instagram is a real mine of ideas for fashionable hairstyles. If you want to change the hair color, put on the reflections. You have a natural hair color? Cross it out! Do you want to go crazy in the new year? Bet on a short cut. Let the hair be in its natural shapes. Friends will certainly envy you such a stylish hairstyle!

This is one of the latest trends in hair styling - whether in the middle or on the side - the parting should be perfectly drawn. Once you have created the perfect line, tie your hair into a low ponytail or a neat little bun. We recommend this hairstyle especially for work or for larger, business trips.

Unfortunately, strong accentuation of the parting and gathering all the hair back does not serve everyone - such a hairstyle sharpens facial features, so it is best for women with an oval, symmetrical face.

Short haircuts have been and will continue to be on top in 2021. Such cuts can not only rejuvenate, but also add character and emphasize beauty. Looking at the catwalk trends, it's safe to say that the ultra-fashionable bob will continue to be a hit. One of the biggest trends will also be a pixie cut and a very short "tomboy" hairstyle. In this list, every fan of short hair will surely find something for themselves. 

For fans of slightly longer strands, a bob cut will hit the spot. This is one of the most popular cuts among women of all ages. Not only is this haircut universal and timeless, it also suits almost any type of beauty. You could see a classic bob in a modern version with a side parting and falling fringe, among others. at the Max Mara show. 

Shading and the sixties In 2020, we focused on a simple, almost geometric cut that will replace shading and creating layers on the hair next season. The transitions between successive strands should be gentle and smooth, so that gradation on the hair is practically imperceptible. see also This is the most fashionable hair color for winter. It rejuvenates and brightens the face beautifully Well-made layers make the strands more flexible and easier to arrange. Such a haircut will work especially on thick and heavy hair, which will make it light. The shading looks good on both straight and curly hair, and on wavy and curl-prone strands, it can make them more prone to twist. Owners of thin strands should remain straight, thanks to which their hair will gain volume. Next season, the pixie cut, which was very popular in the 1960s, will return to favors, characterized by short-cut sides and back of the head, and leaving a slightly longer front, often in the form of fringe. 

Pixie cut, which has been in fashion for several months now, is a bold proposition for ladies who love changes and are not afraid to attract attention with their hairstyle. A characteristic feature of this cut is very short, frayed hair, which is shorter at the back and slightly longer at the top and front. These types of hairstyles were present on Mario Dice's runway. Hair trend of 2021 is simple naturalness. In the center part of the year will be fashionable modern, short cuts.

Writing about hairdressing trends for the fall-winter 2020/2021 season, we cannot forget about the clear partings that complemented almost all the hairstyles presented. They reigned among others on the catwalks at Chanel or Off-White. In the coming months, we will wear partitions in the middle or on the side of the head. There will also be their decorations, e.g. with a distinctive color or a metallic accent. 

All of the trends are based on naturalness. Give new trends a chance and change for the new year!

Hair trends - what will be fashionable?

Looking for a fashionable hairstyle for winter 2020/2021? This season we have different variations on several trends such as bob. Fringe and shoulder hair with fringe will also be very popular. But that is not all. Pixie cut, curly hair, natural texture, length cut, bobs, hair length are the best fashion hairstyle of the year. However, hairstylists advise not to blindly follow the trends but to adapt them to their needs, beauty or face shape. On the runway we observe pixie haircuts, lob and haircutes like ashley williams. Can you afford the time for hair transformation? Hairdressers are able to match the hairstyle to your face - they can do a variety of hairstyles - from lob to bob. Most clients, however, only want to refresh the cut. This year, however, brings many surprises. Maybe this is the time for changes? Many women pay attention to hair movement and it is a pity to cut it down. However, short hair is in fashion again. Such a hairstyle will give you character.

2021 hair trends - what should you pay attention to?

Hair colour trends

Fashionable hair colors autumn-winter 2021 are as many as three shades of blonde: this platinum, cognac and strawberry, chocolate brown and black. The visible regrowth in the style of the 90s is also returning to favor. Hair color trends are very similar to those in 2020. Hair color trends of these year are fit every woman. Do you want to change your hair colors? Choose one of the fashion look in 2021.

Fashionable hairstyle trends 2021 - fringed hairstyles

The most fashionable styles for the winter season 2020/2021. The most interesting proposals include 3 types of fringe.

1. See-through bangs

Bangs see-through fridge is a trend becoming popular in some Asian countries. With dark hair, the light fridge is perfect for framing the face and usually for those with straight hair as curls can make the fringe unruly and hard to manage. 

2. Swoop fringe

The swoop fringe, like other fashionable hairstyles for winter 2020/2021, does not require daily styling and adds nonchalance to your hairstyle. It is slightly pulled to the side and the hair remains tousled will instantly add charm to any look. The swoop fringe was first made popular by the Olsen twins and Reese Witherspoon and all those 90s and 00s trends are coming back. This type of hairstyles appeared on the Fendi shows.

3. Chunky fringe

The chunky fringe is the perfect choice for those of you who have beautiful thick hair. It is a great addition to both long and short hair and it has been gaining popularity recently. It is worth adding that a chunky fringe is easy to maintain, just trip to the salon for a trim and looks effortlessly cool with tousled hair.

Fashionable hairstyles 2021- bob

Fashionable hairstyles for winter 2020/2021 are mainly shoulder cuts and bobs. Among them, there are especially 3 stylish variations for different types of hair. These include hairstyles: wavy blonde bob, chin-length bob and solid angled bob.

1. Wavy bob

The wavy bob is a wavy version of the classic bob looks always stylish shoulder-length or slightly shorter. Recently, stars such as Emma Stone have rocked the tousled bob. Comfortable and easy to wear and just wake up, little brush through with a wide-tooth comb perfect as it does not affect the natural curl pattern and you are all set to go.

If you want to get beautiful and natural waves, use styling products that will fix the effect and make the hairstyle last. Fashion hairstyles are those that look natural. Products for hair should be adapted to the hair type and structure.

2. Cic 90s bob

The chin-length bob hairstyle was fashionable in the 1990s and is now back in style. Look very feminine with a strong boss feel. It is an even bob with a length that reaches slightly behind the chin-length. This best suits people with an oval face shape. 

3. The old Hollywood Bob 

Play on the classic Hollywood style, it’s not a look that can just get up and go each day and will need styling to ensure it stays looking glamorous. With sleek side-swept curls need to make sure you are good with your heat tools for this high maintenance high impact look.

Fashionable hairstyles winter 2020/2021 - mullet

The Mullet was the go-to style for footballers back in the 80s and early 90s, and I’m sure we thought it wouldn’t be back. Boy was we wrong, now stars like Miley Cyrus have bought it back but with a modern makeover. 2021 hair trends are diverse. People will certainly appreciate the new hairstyle.

Check our post on social media - you will find a lot of inspiration there. Without a doubt, the most fashionable hair length of the autumn-winter 2020/2021 season is the one reaching right behind the ear - to the chin line. A short hairstyle works on the skin like botox - it subtracts years instantly. The short cut also allows for a quick hairstyle - 5 minutes is enough to straighten strands quickly, curl a few curls, use a diffuser or rub hair gel.

The cut should be straight, just gently dressed at the tips. You can either wear this hairstyle with a middle parting or flip all hair on one side. This length looks great on slightly ruffled hair - spray it with sea salt and press it with your fingers.

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