Which Wigs Look the Most Natural? Human Hair Wigs

Beautiful, healthy hair is one of the key attributes of a woman. However, not every member of the fair sex can boast thick, shiny strands. Fortunately, thanks to modern technological advances and innovative hairdressing treatments, nature can be helped quickly, effectively and relatively easily. How? By using natural hair extensions. 

Hair extensions are very popular among women all over the world. Depending on the chosen technique, hair extensions can be used to achieve long or short-lasting effects, to create a storm of curls or to make your hair look as smooth as a lake. 

Natural or Synthetic? 

Women who want to have hair extensions do not only have to choose the extension technique. The choice of natural or synthetic hair extensions may also be a source of dilemma. While synthetic hair extensions are certainly cheaper than natural hair extensions and their range of shades is wider, the advantages of artificial hair extensions stop there. If you want soft, lustrous hair that looks stylish and natural, natural hair extensions are the perfect choice. What are the main advantages of natural hair extensions? Let us find out. 

The advantages of Natural Hair 

The main advantage of natural hair is... the equally natural effect of natural hair extensions. Human hair wigs, long blonde wig and curly brown wig are the best choices. If you choose natural strands and the treatment is carried out professionally, no one will know that the glamorous look is not just the work of nature. By going for natural strands you will look elegant, tasteful and noble. There is no risk of looking theatrical or caricatured. Wear wigs is very comfortable. Natural hair wigs will look great no matter how long your hair is. 

Another advantage of natural hair is the almost limitless styling options. With the help of flat irons, curling irons and curlers you can create the hairstyles you desire. You can also color natural hair any way you like. Natural hair extensions do not tangle or frizz. They are durable, damage-resistant and heat-resistant up to 150 degrees. Properly cared for, they will look great even after several months. 

The natural hair of women looks phenomenal in combination with natural hair. The structure of natural hair is strikingly similar to the strands worn by women from our part of the world. 

Natural Hair Extensions - Extension Techniques 

Using short wigs that look real, hair extensions can be made using almost any technique. The most popular are keratin, ring, clip-in and tape-on extensions. Below, we discuss the specifics of each method. 

Keratin Hair Extensions 

The keratin method is one of the most preferred by women around the world. With keratin-tipped strands, you can conjure up the hairstyle of your dreams on your head. Within a few hours you will have a storm of curls, a stylish bob with extravagant color or a sleek, elegant hairstyle. 

The ring method of hair extensions does not damage the hair structure and does not overload the natural hair strands. It is also suitable for women with fine, delicate and sensitive hair. The size, type and color of the rings should be chosen according to the color and structure of the hair extensions. Properly crimped rings allow you to enjoy a beautiful hairstyle even for 3-4 months. 

Clip In Hair Extensions 

The clip in method allows you to extend your hair on your own without the need to visit a hairdressing salon. Do you want to enjoy beautiful, long and thick hair? You can order a ready-made set for clip-in hair extensions at your local hairdressing salon. A standard package usually contains 5, 6, or 7 clips. Three of them are usually the largest. These are attached to the back part of your hair. The remaining (smaller) hair extensions are attached to the sides of the head. 

With the clip-in method you can extend and thicken even short hair. The natural hair extensions transform the feisty tomboy into a long-haired femme fatale. Clip-in extensions are especially suitable for women who want to look dazzling at important family events, a night out with friends or... at a wedding. Clip-in extensions do not damage your hair and are relatively inexpensive compared with other extension methods. Properly cared for, they will stay in your hair for several months. Remember to remove the clip-in extensions before going to bed. If for some reason this is not possible, you may tie up your hair in a loose braid. 

The Tape On Human Hair Extensions

The tape on method, also known as the tape or sandwich method, is a great option for women who are looking for a non-invasive way to extend and thicken their hair. It does not require the use of high temperature, thus eliminating the risk of drying out the natural hair strands. 

The procedure consists in attacking a strand of hair on a few centimeters tape to the natural hair. In order to achieve the best effect, the fixation should be at the hairline, just next to the skin. Depending on the rate of hair growth, the procedure should be repeated every 4-6 weeks. Professionally implanted hair bands are invisible, and for the woman wearing them - completely undetectable and not troublesome. The hair extensions can be freely styled and pinned up. In order to use tape-on extensions, the hair must be at least 15 cm long (counting from the top of the head). 

How to Care for Natural Hair Extensions? 

To keep the natural strands of hair looking phenomenal you need to take care of them. In spite of appearances, it is neither troublesome nor time-consuming. Use mild moisturizing shampoos to wash your natural hair. Thanks to their ingredients, such products prevent moisture loss and leave your hair supple and shiny. 

A moisturizing conditioner is also a must. For spectacular results reach for liquid silk, which leaves your hair glossy, wonderfully smooth and soft. Do not rub your hair with a towel after shampooing. Brush your hair only with a special brush, which is specially designed for hair extensions. 

The first and most obvious distinguishing factor between natural and artificial hair extensions is the appearance of the hair style. Hair extensions with natural hair extensions look so healthy and natural that it is hard to guess that they are not natural. 

How do you know synthetic hair? Synthetic hair extensions often have an exaggerated shiny appearance and feel stiff and "plastic" to the touch. Their appearance is often so perfect that it seems pretentious. A good comparison here would be unnaturally enlarged and shaped... lips. Although at first glance they look phenomenal, they are very far from being natural. And the effect of the treatment can be caricatured and theatrical. 

Another difference between natural and synthetic hair is the price. Artificial hair is usually cheaper. However, there is no denying that the lower price translates into better quality. If you want a spectacular yet natural effect, synthetic hair is not the best choice. 

As a rule, natural hair extensions provide longer-lasting results. Synthetic strands are very sensitive. They can fade under UV light, discolor, break, darken, and often simply fall off at the attachment point.