Short hair extensions for volume - the best method

Hair thickening has become very popular recently. Long, well-groomed and thick hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty. Unfortunately, not all women have long and thick hair. Hair extensions and hair thickening methods come to the rescue. Short hair extensions to add volume is becoming more and more popular. Which hair thickening methods are most popular? Is it possible to thicken hair non-surgically? Which home remedies are most effective? How much does a hair thickening treatment cost? 

Hair thickening methods 

The most popular method of hair extensions are nano ring hair extensions, tape in hair extensions and i-tip hair extensions. 

Micro ring hair thickening method (i-tips) is one method of long lasting hair thickening. It is not recommended to use synthetic hair for this method. Micro Rings are small rings made of aluminium, copper or bronze and lined on the inside with silicone. The size and colour is chosen according to the structure and colour of the natural hair.

The hair extensions are bonded into thin strands using heat-sealed sleeves, special adhesives or keratin, which in effect resembles a loop. It is inserted into the micro ring, in which the natural strands were previously placed, and clamped with appropriate pliers as close to the scalp as possible. Attaching does not require the use of heat.

The thickening and lengthening effect stays on the head for 6-8 weeks and then it is necessary to move the rings closer to the roots of the hair. 

The sandwich hair thickening procedure (tape-ins) involves evenly attaching thin strips of hair to the natural hair, close to the scalp. Silicone bands are used for this purpose.

The bonds are almost invisible and imperceptible to the touch. This method is recommended for women with thin and weak hair because the strips don’t put a lot of strain on the hair. Though it is not suitable for women who prefer tight updos, chignons and backcombing as the hair may look untidy with the tabs showing. The treatment should be repeated every 6-8 weeks. 

Nano ring hair thickening is the most popular method for professional and non-surgical hair thickening. It uses strands of hair attached by nano rings, which are 90% smaller than micro rings, which makes the connection less visible.

Hair thickening and extension with the mesh method is an excellent, non-surgical alternative to wigs. The hair for thickening is placed on a delicate and permeable mesh, which does not differ in appearance from natural hair. This is the best method for those with visible baldness and those suffering from severely thinning hair. 

Hair Thickening - Opinions 

There are many forums on the Internet about hair thickening and hair extension methods. Female internauts especially praise the hair weft method. This option not only increases the volume of the hair but also lengthens it, which is a solution for people with thin hair, though if it is too thin it will not cover the weft. Many girls also like the nano tip method, which they find to be the easiest and most effective method. 

Hair Thickening Home Remedies 

There are many ways to thicken hair without leaving home. The most popular of these is the Clip In method. This method consists of attaching natural or synthetic hair strands to your own hair using snap clips. The clip-in strands are sewn together flat and are available in many different colours. This method is not invasive for natural hair and the effect is not permanent. It is recommended to remove the hair extensions after every day of use.

Clip In hair extensions and hair thickening consists in placing a few wide hair pieces on the head with the help of comb-like clips and covering these strands with a layer of natural hair. This method of hair thickening does not strain the natural hair strands and allows them to grow freely. In addition, it is one of the least expensive ways to achieve a luscious head of hair using hair extensions. Another advantage of hair extensions is the freedom of styling and colouring. 

Hair extensions are without any doubt the most popular hair thickening method. They are used to glue, attach or interconnect colour-matched strands of hair underneath a layer of natural hair. You can choose between natural or synthetic hair extensions but natural hair extensions are always recommended for the best look and feel. The biggest advantage of clip-ins, however, is the ease of attaching and removing the hair strands.  

Short hair with extensions for volume

An alternative to hair thickening methods using hair extensions is the use of hair rubs and oils, which help to naturally improve the condition of your hair and promote new hair growth.

The most popular method for natural hair thickening is a fenugreek hair rub. It reduces hair loss and gives the hair an intensive shine. It is also suitable for people who suffer from recurring chronic dandruff and an excessively oily scalp.

Another commonly recommended hair tonic is one made of field horsetail leaf and nettle seed. It contributes to the growth of thicker and stronger hair as well as improves the condition of the scalp, soothes irritation and minimizes itching.

A good way to improve the condition of hair is to add oils it. The most effective oils for oiling hair are keratin oil with silk, nigella oil and burdock oil. Not only will oiling help grow new hair, but it will also add shine and softness to your existing hair. You can have hairstyle with volume now!