Top tips - How to blend hair extensions with short hair?

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     We all know you can dramatically change your look if you have long hair by simply cutting it short. However, the other way around can be a bit more problematic. You could grow your hair of course this takes time, not to mention if you have fine or brittle hair, which no matter what you do refuses to flourish beyond a certain point. In these cases, hair extensions are an excellent solution.

    So many questions, how do you blend short hair with long extensions? How can even short hair extensions instant boost your hair? How to blend hair extensions with shorter thick hair? You will find answers to these and other questions below.

    Short hair extensions

    First things first with all hair extensions you should always choose a qualified professional, not only for the final result to look amazing but also to avoid ending up with an extension horror story. Find a trusted stylist, they will be able to accurately assess the condition of your hair and recommend the most suitable method for you. When fitting extensions, the natural hair needs to be long enough to be able to hide the fittings, if it too short then you are better to hold off on the treatment until your hair has reached the desired length.

    Are Short Hair Extensions Possible?

    Hair extensions for shorter hair are certainly possible. After all, such a procedure has been developed for women who want to lengthen their hair.

    How long do the strands need to be for a hair extension to be possible?

    The natural hair should be long enough so that the beads, bond, tapes and or fittings can be attached whilst remaining hidden. It can vary from person to person as thickness is also a factor. If your hair is no longer than 5-10 cm from the crown of your head then you may be hard-pressed to find an Extensionist as it might not be possible and may have limited options as to which type of extensions can be fitted.

    What should be kept in mind?

    With all hair extensions, the first consultation is so important, not only to colour match but also for the Extensionist to examine the hair, talk about costs as well as aftercare. Best to go into the consultation with an open mind to different methods of extensions. For example, a beaded weave is usually only suitable for those with already thick and long hair, as more hair is required to hide the fittings. On the other hand, nano tips and tape-in are perfect for those with shorter hair who wish to add volume.

    Recommended methods of extensions for short hair

    Some of the best methods for adding hair extensions to naturally short hair is Nano tip and Tape-in both types are perfect for adding length and volume whilst remaining discreet.

    Nano tips are fitted using the smallest bead currently on the market, making them incredibly easy to hide, under natural hair perfect for those with short or fine hair. Why tape-in extensions are recommended for short hair is that you can add strips of hair quickly for an even finish along with the use of secret tapes which can be added higher up the head than any other method.

    It is important to understand that the longer the length you are adding the more hair you will need, otherwise hair can look thin and stringy. This will of course affect the cost, time and aftercare your Extensionist will go through this during the consultation.

    Short hair is best extended by human hair extensions, tape extensions or hair extensions UK.

    The Risk of Too Short Hair

    If the natural hair is very short you may find it difficult to find a professional Extensionist who will fit extensions and this is for good reason. Remember fitting is time-consuming and the stylist will want to be 100% sure that they can not only achieve the desired outcome but also that there won’t be any issues further down the line.

    The main concern would be that the extensions will be noticeable, luckily hair extension providers are constantly grown their colour range to include root stretches and rooted mixes, helping to conceal extensions. Along with different bead colours, there is no excuse for extensions to be seen.

    Blending extensions into short hair

    When extensions are fitted they must be also cut in by a qualified hairdresser. Fine hair may not need too much taken off the natural hair but if the hair is thick then can end up with a ‘step’ where the natural hair finishes and the extensions begin. For hairdressers, this can be easily rectified by thinning out the natural hair which is a normal procedure for all hair extension methods.

    In all, if you have short above the shoulder hair and you want a change nothing is stopping you from contacting a qualified professional to see if they can enhance your locks.